Fantasy Football Week 7: Robert Griffin III Ready to Run

By Dan Freeman
Robert Griffin III
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a window of opportunity open for Fantasy owners to buy low on Robert Griffin III in recent weeks but it’s about to come to a close. RG3 told the press earlier this week that he plans to start running more, saying that he believes it will give the Washington Redskins their best chance of winning. If he keeps true to his word his Fantasy value could sky-rocket shortly.

RG3’s numbers have left much to be desired this season. He posted solid Fantasy totals in the first two weeks, during which he threw five touchdowns, but since then he’s done nothing to help his owners. Still, they got a glimmer of hope last week when he rushed for 77 yards against the Dallas Cowboys, more yards than he’d rushed for in the previous four games combined. Coach Mike Shanahan has apparently given him the go-ahead to scramble more, which is obviously great for his Fantasy value.

In a standard league, if he were to throw for 200 yards and no touchdowns and rush for another 40 yards in a given week, it would total 12 Fantasy points. Those numbers are obviously completely arbitrary but the point I’m making is that a ridiculously conservative estimate puts his floor around 12 points. It’s reasonable to expect that he will surpass those numbers most likely every week. Add in a single passing touchdown and you’re at 16 points. Add in another 50 passing yards and you’re at 18 points. Add in more rushing yards and another touchdown either on the ground or through the air and you have elite QB1 numbers. Despite his struggles this season, we know he’s fully capable of putting up bigger lines and I expect that he will over the second half of the Fantasy grind.

How quickly we’ve forgotten that just a year ago RG3 was the number one overall Fantasy player before getting injured mid-season. He was a revelation, putting up out-of-world numbers consistently. He may have taken a step back this year but I chalk it up to nothing more than a sophomore slump, which we’ve seen many great quarterbacks struggle with in recent years. And the thing about slumps is that they can be busted out of at any time. I believe RG3 is on the verge of breaking out, especially now that he finally seems ready to take advantage of his dual-threat abilities and start using his legs again.

If you can still get him relatively cheap, I would strongly suggest going for it. The rest of his schedule is filled with juicy matchups and the breakout is right around the corner. Beat your opponents to the punch.

Dan Freeman is a Fantasy football writer for Follow him on Twitter @DanFreeman88.

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