Fantasy Football: Welcome Back, Colin Kaepernick

By Dom DeCarlo
Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports

After the first week of the NFL and fantasy football season, everyone was saying that Colin Kaepernick was for real this season. Then, as quickly as experts were naming him the best quarterback in San Francisco 49ers’ history since guys like Steve Young and Joe Montana, Kaepernick fell off of the fantasy football map. In two games against the Seattle Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts, Kaepernick scored a measly 9.7 and 6 points in standard ESPN leagues.

Since those games, Kaepernick has taken off for the 49ers in a big way!

Before we discuss how huge Kaepernick has been for the 49ers lately, let’s discuss why he had such a difficult time in those games prior to his resurgence.

The 49ers’ wide receiving corps has suffered many injuries throughout this season. Kaepernick’s No. 1 target, Michael Crabtree, has not even played this season because of his injuries, nor has Mario Manningham. Since then, the 49ers have changed their game plan more towards a run focused team. This has fed into the 49ers’ strength, which is the same strength that took them to the Super Bowl just one year ago.

The 49ers’ refocusing on the running game has really helped out Kaepernick. This has taken all of the pressure off of Kaepernick’s shoulders and has distributed it among the rest of the offense. Because of this, Kaepernick is making better decisions and is not forcing the ball.

Also, it seems as if the 49ers are giving Kaepernick more freedom to use one of his most dangerous of talents, his legs. Over the last three weeks, Kaepernick has run for 140 yards and has scored six touchdowns overall in those games. This makes the 49ers’ offense even more lethal, especially with Crabtree still out of the lineup.

If you have held onto Kaepernick and trusted that he would work things out, good for you. I know I questioned him on my fantasy team and thought to myself, “What a bad pick. You fell into the fantasy hype.” Now, I’m looking at that pick and all I can say is, “See, you just need to have a little faith!”

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