Fantasy Football Debate: Lamar Miller

By ericbeuning
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Last week, reports surfaced that Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller was being phased out in favor of committee mate Daniel Thomas. I’m sure a lot of Miller fantasy owners across the league threw up their hands in frustration.

The anticlimactic battle between these two backs has raged on since the preseason, with both of them managing to underwhelm as they talked big then sank back. It’s the sort of thing that makes you wish one of them would just suffer a minor ankle tweak or miss a game with stomach flu just so the other one could shine. At least then we would know for sure who has the hot hand.

There is a little ray of hope here in that the Dolphins handed Miller the ball a season-high 18 times. Unfortunately, he took those 18 carries and turned them into 89 pathetic yards on the ground. From the outside looking in, the Dolphins gave Miller enough rope to prove he deserves to be the standalone starter. All he managed to do was tie himself back together with Thomas.

The reality here is that Thomas is only capable of putting up yards when the offensive line rips big holes for him to run through. Otherwise, he has all the moves of a steam train. Miller is the more talented of the two players. He’s just a lot greener than preseason reports indicated. Chances are you had to reach for Miller on draft day, so you’re probably chained to him as your no. 2 or no. 3 back. This is probably where his fantasy value is going to stay this year while he learns the ins and outs of playing at the NFL level.

If you’re playing in a keeper league, Miller is worth holding onto. If you’re in dire straits with one of your backs hurt or on a bye, then you’re going to have to start Miller over Thomas and cross your fingers.

If you’re in the position of owning Miller and someone else owns Thomas. I would dangle Miller as trade bait and let someone else inherit the headache.

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