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Fantasy Football: Q&A for Week 9

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Fantasy Football Q&A for Week 9

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The game of fantasy football gets tougher and tougher as the weeks go on. By now, you know if your team is one that should make it to the playoffs, has a good chance at the playoffs, or you've probably stopped paying attention to your team because it is that bad.

In Week 9, there are many questions that owners are asking about how they should handle their teams. Many teams are on byes this week such as the Denver Broncos, the Detroit Lions, the San Francisco 49ers and the Jacksonville Jaguars (if it was not for fantasy football, no one would even care about what week the Jaguars had their bye or if they even play at all!).

For this week’s addition of the fantasy Q&A, I have had many different questions directed towards me. There are questions on whom they should add from players that are currently on the injured reserve list, to questions about what to do with Peyton Manning being on a bye. Owners are also asking if they should trade for X, Y, or Z players, or if the trades they already made will benefit their teams in the end.

These were some great questions this week, and I hope that my answers can help you win your matchup in Week 9. If you like this section, thank you and please continue to send questions my way either via this article or any social media accounts listed below. Again, here are the best questions that I received for this week, and I hope I can help some of you out like I did for some of those who asked last week. Sorry again about the one or two that I missed on, but it’s fantasy football and that will happen!

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Who will have the biggest impact: Harvin, Crabtree, or Vereen? — Jeremy

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Jeremy, that is an excellent question to start the week off with. But then again, all the questions that you give me are top-notch, my man! I think that adding any of these players to your roster if you can is a great move for your team, especially in the playoff rounds of your league. The person I feel that will have the biggest impact on your fantasy team will be Percy Harvin. Harvin has that playmaking ability that got him this new contract with the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks could use that playmaking to win them some games down the stretch, and he should do the same for your fantasy team. He will also be a huge addition when he returns because of the recent season-ending injury to Sidney Rice. If you cannot get Harvin, then I think Shane Vereen will be an excellent addition as well. Vereen will be like a Darren Sproles-type player when he returns, especially with the lack of offensive threats on the New England Patriots. Look, Crabtree will be a good addition, so don’t think I’m saying it’s a bad waiver wire addition. I just think the other two are better!

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I traded for Tony Gonzalez and Giovanni Bernard. Will they finally break out? — John

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John, I think you made a great trade. I personally traded to get Giovanni Bernard myself and have been expecting more from him. I think you need to hold on strong. Roddy White is going to be returning to the lineup for the Atlanta Falcons. This will open things up for Tony Gonzalez in the long run. For Giovanni Bernard, he has to break out! Look, Benjarvus Green-Ellis has not stolen the show at all for the Cincinnati Bengals at the running back position. Bernard is by far the most explosive running back for the Bengals. The team has shown that they want to throw the ball more, and this will benefit Bernard. Give it a week or two, and I think you and I will both be seeing results in Bernard.

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After 3 solid weeks, should I consider getting the Oakland Raiders' defense off of waivers? — Pete

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See, as someone that is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, I would think you would know the answer to this already. First, it all depends who your team defense is and you already told me that it is the Houston Texans. Houston is having a very disappointing season and the Raiders have been doing much better than them fantasy points-wise. However, you have to look at the Raiders’ schedule down the road. They will have to play the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs. Again, they have some good matchups like when they play the New York Jets. Look, if you have the Texans, drop them for Oakland. It definitely will be better, but keep an eye out for better matchups down the road with other teams’ defenses.

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Are there any running backs that are worth adding this week? — Mike

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Mike, that is a tough question. By now in the fantasy season, running backs are the hottest waiver wire additions going into every week. If you can find one that will start, he is worth adding in a heartbeat. The one man that I can think of right now is New York Giants running back Andre Brown. Brown has missed a great deal of time due to injuries. He is scheduled to return in Week 10. This is huge for any fantasy owner looking for a running back because he will start as soon as he is back. The Giants have just Peyton Hillis, and that is it. David Wilson and Brandon Jacobs are both injured. Also, Brown was listed to start in training camp with Wilson already on the team. As soon as you read this, add Brown to your fantasy team and thank me later.

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Best flex option for Week 9: Mike James, Julian Edelman or Jordan Reed? – Snap

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Oh Snap, you and your flex plays! Since it is obvious that you play in a league where a tight end can play as a flex, I would go with Jordan Reed right away. However, for those of us who do not play in a league like that, I have a different answer. I think that Mike James has a very tough matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Yes, they let up a great deal of rushing yards to the St. Louis Rams this past week, but look for them to rebound in Week 9. I would give your flex position this week to Julian Edelman. I think Edelman is a very good play against a not-so-good Pittsburgh Steelers pass defense. Tom Brady comes to play in games when there is another big-name quarterback on the other sideline, and he will do it again against Ben Roethlisberger’s Steelers.

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Is it time to consider dropping C.J. Spiller? – Jay

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Jay, this is a very tough decision. Look, I know what you are going through. I drafted Trent Richardson towards the end of the first round of one of my fantasy football drafts. I am of the philosophy that if you can’t trade them while getting someone of value or pick up an almost guarantee stud (like Knowshon Moreno last season) off of the waiver wire, then you need to go down with the ship! Look, if he gets healthy again, he will play. I know Fred Jackson has taken away a great deal of his carries, but Jackson is frail. You just got to wait it out, Jay. I wish I could give you a magic answer, but there just is not one to give.

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Trade question: Keenan Allen and Andre Ellington/or Le’Veon Bell to me for Dez Bryant? – Dan

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Wow Dan, this is a good one. Now you also told me that you were looking for a solid running back for your team. If you can get Keenan Allen and Le’Veon Bell for Dez Bryant, I would take that trade for sure. If only Andre Ellington is in the mix instead of Bell, then I would not. All I have been reading is that Rashard Mendenhall will be the early-down back when he returns this week or next week. Bell will be the featured back for the Pittsburgh Steelers for the rest of the season, and Keenan Allen will be the no. 1 guy for the surging San Diego Chargers. Yes, Bryant will give you some very good weeks, but for the value that you would get in this deal, I say do it. I think you would be very happy with the results.

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I have Peyton Manning on a bye. Who would be a good QB to replace him for this week? — Me

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This is a great question that I gave myself to answer! Fortunately, someone in my league dropped Philip Rivers during his bye week. I got very lucky and caught it when I did and have a very good option for my Week 9 problem. However, if you did not get so lucky and you own Peyton Manning, I have two good options for you this week. I would go with Alex Smith or Chad Campbell. Alex Smith has a great matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Chad Campbell (yes, a Cleveland Browns quarterback) had 293 yards and two touchdowns passing last week. Look for Campbell to have a nice week against a struggling Baltimore Ravens defense.