Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Cleveland Browns' Jason Campbell

By ericbeuning

Week 9 of the NFL season brings to us several bye weeks for quarterback prominent teams. This inevitably means that someone out there is going to be looking for a backup quarter they can slide into the lineup and hope he turns out to be a diamond in the rough.

Now if you’re like me, the idea of carrying a backup quarterback all season long is slightly more appealing than having a bird crap on your head. It’s sometimes easier to just wait until your quarterback’s bye week and grab whatever available free agent has the best season stat line with your top waiver wire pick.

It’s a sound strategy and it’s probably the safest way to keep from getting a goose egg at that position. What if you miss out on that top-dog kicker in the waiver order, who should you target next?

My advice for this week is Cleveland Browns quarterback Jason Campbell.

I know on the surface it might sound like I’ve gone to a dark and sinister place where injured quarterbacks and draft busts go to die. Still, what Campbell managed to do last week against the vaunted Kansas City Chiefs defense was impressive.

I mean, here’s a guy who has never been able to catch a break in his professional career playing in something like his 19th different offensive system going up against arguably the best pass defense in the NFL to date. The guy hung 289 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions on them. Adding to this feat. he surrendered only one sack to the league’s leading sack defense!

This week, Campbell and the browns go up against the Baltimore Ravens defense, which is ranked 11th in points allowed and 16th in passing yards. In short, the Ravens defense isn’t fit to wash Kansas City’s laundry. With the Talent amassed around him in the passing game, the ceiling is only higher this week for the Browns and Jason Campbell.

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