Riley Cooper: All Is Forgiven, At Least In Fantasy Football

By Matthew Wood

Remember that whole thing before the season where people were calling for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper’s head after he was caught on camera dropping N-bombs at a Kenny Chesney concert?

Everyone was up in arms about how he’d have to answer to his teammates and the rest of the league and there was no way he’d ever suit up in an NFL game again. Yeah, right.

If you can play in the league, someone will give you a shot. And if you score three touchdowns like he did on Sunday against the Oakland Raiders, you better believe someone will put him on a fantasy football team. And that somebody should be you.

Listen, nobody is saying Coop will have that kind of success every week. And nobody is comparing quarterback Nick Foles to Peyton Manning, although now they do share the single-game record for touchdown passes with seven.

This is now three out of four games where Cooper has quietly been fantasy worthy, including 120 with a score a few weeks ago. You can’t be real happy with the lack of targets – an average of just six a game over the past month – but he has consistently been Foles’ security blanket, getting open on busted plays and making himself available when needed.

He’s owned in less than 10 percent of ESPN leagues but well worth a flier if you can afford the roster spot. The quarterback situation in the City of Brotherly Love has been fluid at best, so you have to expect Foles has at least earned another start or two. When he’s under center, Cooper has proven himself a worthy fantasy option.

Hopefully he’ll do so while keeping his big mouth closed for the rest of the season.

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