Fantasy Football: Is It Really Time to Trade Jordan Cameron?

By Dom DeCarlo
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Did you ever go into a fantasy football draft and pick that player near the end that you really felt good about? I know I did this year, and many others did when they drafted the Cleveland Browns starting tight end Jordan Cameron.

Cameron had a fantastic start right out of the gate for the Browns and all fantasy owners that took a chance on him. Everyone loves this guy’s size and hands, and he makes for a great red zone target, which is music to his owner’s ears.

However, Cameron has one major problem. That problem is that he plays for the Cleveland Browns. The Browns’ offense really looked like they were rolling while they were throwing to Cameron. During the first four weeks of the season, Cameron had 360 yards receiving and an amazing five touchdowns. He was making people say, “Rob Gronkowski who?”

Since Week 4 of the season, and basically since the injury to Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer, Cameron has been an afterthought, totaling 240 yards since then with only one touchdown. It is unbelievable to waste such a weapon like this, and fantasy football managers have to be shaking their heads in total discussed. The big question here is, should you trade Cameron now while you still can get some value out of him?

My answer is yes, but only if you can get a tight end and some good players in return.

If I was to trade Cameron away, I would try to trade him to a team that has a surplus of another position, such as running backs or receivers, whichever one you may need. I would also demand their tight end in this deal to top it off.

Look, I think Cameron is a great player. I mean, I think he has a great shot at pulling off another game or two for you in this fantasy football season. However, let’s face it, the Browns have no idea what they are doing with their offense right now. If you need the players and you own Cameron, it may just be time to trade him to get the best options you can to help your team for the rest of the season.

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