Fantasy Football Week 10: Torrey Smith Due to Deliver

By Dan Freeman
Torrey Smith
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When Anquan Boldin departed in the offseason, there were a lot of questions about who would be able to step up for the Baltimore Ravens this year.

Torrey Smith was the obvious choice, but there was still much skepticism surrounding the wideout and his ability to be anything more than a speedy deep threat. In no time at all, he proved his doubters wrong, showing tremendous improvement in route running and a terrific ability to get separation from defenders. As a result, he’s on pace for 72 receptions and a little over 1400 yards this season, which would both be career-highs.

Despite the excellent yardage, his owners’ have a legitimate gripe with him — his lack of touchdowns. He only has one on the season and it came in Week 4 against the Buffalo Bills way back in September. Also disconcerting is that his production has slowed somewhat in recent weeks, as he has just nine catches for 151 yards in his last three games combined.

Still, there’s no real reason for concern here. Smith remains one of the most dangerous downfield threats in the league and with his speed, he can bust out for a massive play at any given moment. He’ll have a great chance to do just that when the Ravens take on the Cincinnati Bengals this week.

The Bengals typically sport one of the scarier defenses in all of football, but they’re currently decimated by injuries. They’ve lost defensive back Leon Hall and defensive tackle Geno Atkins for the remainder of the season, both by far the best players on the team at their respective positions. Hall would have been shadowing Smith in this game and the Bengals are now going to have a rough time trying to contain him.

Without Atkins, the Bengals’ pass-rush won’t be nearly as effective either, so cannon-armed Joe Flacco should have some extra time to make plays.

It’s only a matter of time before Smith erupts for a massive game, and it could definitely come this week against the aching Bengals. The touchdowns are on their way so owners shouldn’t fret, and prospective buyers should take advantage of the situation. Smith is one of the best buy-low targets in fantasy right now, but not for long.

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