Injuries to Star Running Backs Could Cost Fantasy GMs Their Championships

By Dom DeCarlo

Quick, pop quiz: what does Doug Martin, Arian Foster and Ray Rice all have in common? Yes, many of you in the class answered that they are running backs and that is correct. However, the answer I was looking for was: running backs that are the reasons why many fantasy football managers are going to lose their league championships.

The running back position in fantasy football is the most difficult and the most powerful weapon that any manager can have on their roster. These are the players that are running the football, catch the football out of the backfield and for many teams, they are the players that get the most touchdowns. The players listed above were easily three of the top five or six running backs to come out of everybody’s draft this August.

Now because of injuries, they are the reasons why many managers will lose in their leagues.

Many people will ask if there was any way to predict any of this happening. Let’s try to figure some of this out. Martin’s injury was completely unexpected. After a rookie season that saw him gain a total of 1,926 yards and 12 touchdowns, he went down with a torn labrum that ended his season. Yes, Martin was a workhorse for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but anyone who drafted him could not be blamed for doing it. He was going to be a stud running back and I feel can still be trusted next season.

Now, let’s talk about the people that drafted Foster and Rice.

If you drafted Arian Foster, you had to see this coming didn’t you? This guy has been an every-down type back for the Houston Texans ever since he won the job. Foster has taken a beating in every game and this has been taking a toll on his body. Foster did not play in the preseason because of injuries, and yet you still drafted him, didn’t you?

Now, I know his injuries were not to his legs like they were in the preseason, but an injury to his back may be the end of Arian Foster in the NFL.

If you drafted Ray Rice, you definitely did not do your homework. If you looked at what the Baltimore Ravens were doing to their team after they won the Super Bowl, then you could see that this was going to spell trouble for the usually dominant Rice. The Ravens were getting rid of some of their weapons and with Dennis Pitta going doing with an injury, you had to see this in the rear view mirror.

Rice, who was usually a pretty healthy back, had to drive off the tracks soon in regards to that situation. Also, you had to realize that if he got hurt, Bernard Piece would then start to take his carries and maybe not give up the starting role, right? Well, that did not happen, but the injury to Rice’s hip and the terrible job his offensive line has done has marked the end of Rice in this fantasy football season.

Yes, I know that hindsight is 20/20, but just look at some of the players that you passed up on because you had taken these players. Oh, think about Calvin Johnson and the great season he is having again. Please look at the dual threat that both LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles are in their new offenses. Also, if you took these guys, that means you passed up on Peyton Manning. Yes, this has to be tough, but come on you guys, you had to see it coming!

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