Fantasy Football: How Much Should Peyton Manning Owners Worry About His Injuries?

By Dom DeCarlo

If you own Peyton Manning in your fantasy football league, your heart had to almost skip a beat when you saw the letters MRI by his name. This does not mean something good like the letters MVP do; it means that the hit put on him by the San Diego Chargers’ defense caused enough pain to Manning’s leg that the Denver Broncos‘ team doctors needed to look at it further.

If this is the first time you heard about this, it’s okay. Take a deep breath, maybe get a sip of water and take it easy. I know the big question that all of you have is: How much should I worry about this injury and will it hurt me going into the most important part of the fantasy football season?

All reports coming out of Broncos’ camp on Monday is that the MRI showed no new damage to his ankle. This is great news for everyone who owns Manning. With the season that he is currently having, Manning likely has your team near the top, or at least in playoff contention in your league.

Another question that many owners will ask is: Should I have a backup plan going into the playoffs just in case?

It would absolutely be in your best interest to have a viable backup just in case Manning’s injury gets worse, or if the Broncos decide to rest him in the last two weeks of the season. If they do that, then Manning would be out for your fantasy league’s championship game.

If you read that Manning is sitting out of practice this week, do not worry about it. This will be a precautionary thing to make sure that Manning will have enough time to rest up for the huge divisional game against the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. If you are filling worried though, please go out and get a solid backup to calm your nerves.

I would not worry. Manning is one of the most determined players the NFL has ever seen. He will do whatever he can to play — I can promise you that.

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