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Fantasy Football: Week 11 Q and A

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Fantasy Football: Week Eleven Q and A

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“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the wins are so delightful. Just as long as you help me so (win, of course), let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” For the first time this holiday season, it began to snow in the Pittsburgh area. That can only mean one thing: The fantasy football playoffs are approaching and fast!

Everyone has questions on who to start, who to sit, who to trade or trade for, or who to pick up off of the waiver wire to help them get their teams into the playoffs.

Week 11 sees the bye weeks nearing an end. This is a good thing and a bad thing for fantasy managers. It’s good because you should have your full roster at your disposal on any given week. The bad part is that everyone else will have their full roster, too!

This week, I received some excellent fantasy football questions by many different people. Some of these were the usual suspects, but others were new readers and followers on Twitter. I appreciate all of you sending these questions and truly try my best to answer them the best I can, so you can get as many points for your fantasy football team every week.

Many of the questions that I received this week were about whom to start or sit. I also received many about possible trades at the end of the season and who to get in those trades to make sure their team can go over the hump. As always, the waiver wire questions were there in floods as they are from Week One until the end of the season.

Again, please send any questions you have throughout the week to any of my social media links below and I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible. Without further ado, here are this week’s questions!

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Who to start this week: Jordan Cameron or Tim Wright – The King

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I love the name “The King.” Makes me think of Arnold Palmer and Elvis! The question you sent me on Twitter was a great one. I would have never thought that it would even be an option to sit Jordan Cameron after the great start he had for the Cleveland Browns. However, after the first few games, he has cooled off and is now a questionable start for your fantasy team. King, I feel that he is a much better start than Tim Wright. Cameron scored a touchdown last time he played the Cincinnati Bengals and hopefully the Browns worked on how to get him the ball over their bye week.

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Trade quesiton: Should I trade V. Jackson and Roy Helu for Heyward-Bey and Steven Jackson? – Jay

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Jay, this is a very tough question. I believe that Vincent Jackson has not been what managers thought he would be when they drafted him this past August. I do feel that Darrius Heyward-Bey has to improve to help the Indianapolis Colts make the playoffs, meaning his fantasy value will go up. Also, Steven Jackson, one would think, has to show something this fantasy football season at some point. I also believe that Roy Helu is a one-trick pony and with the Washington Redskins running more, he just won’t get the touches you would need to play him in your lineup. So to answer your question, yes I like this trade for you and think you should make it. It’s not a huge splash, but I feel it will benefit you more than the other guy.

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Who should I start: A.J. Green, Victor Cruz, Roddy White, or Dwayne Bowe? – Pat

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Pat, wow, that is a tough one! Normally, I would say go with A.J. Green right away and then ask you why did you ask that question. As a matter of fact, if you just had Green with Roddy White and Dwayne Bowe I would have said that same thing. However, this week the New York Giants are facing a Green Bay Packers’ defense that has struggled this season. The Packers’ offense is missing both their first- and second-string quarterbacks. This puts so much pressure on a defense that is not exactly lights out. I think that Victor Cruz has a very good chance of having a big game against the Packers in Week 11. Also, Green will be going against the Cleveland Browns’ shut down corner, Joe Haden. In their Week 4 matchup, Green only had 51 yards and no touchdowns. Roll with Cruz and hopefully he can help you dance to a victory in Week 11.

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Which Andre would you start: Andre Ellington or Andre Brown? – The King

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Another great question, King! Now a bunch of us discussed this on Twitter when you asked and all of us came to the same conclusion: Andre Brown. I am in love with this guy since he came back! It was said that Brown was going to split carries with Peyton Hillis in his first game back and that did not happen. Brown looked great rushing for over 100 yards and scoring a touchdown. Look, Andre Ellington is not that bad of an option, but he has to split carries with Rashard Mendenhall. This makes Brown the head over heels better option in Week 11.

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With Dez Bryant on a bye, would you start Hopkins, Edelman, or Simpson? – Snap

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Again, Snap, no flex question this week? Looks like you have a little bit of a problem with your boy Dez Bryant on a bye. I know what you’re going through, buddy. I had a rough week when Calvin Johnson was on a bye. To answer your question, I feel that DeAndre Hopkins is the better option out of the receivers that you have on your team. Hopkins is going against the Oakland Raiders. Now, the Raiders' defense is not the worst in the NFL, but they can be beat. Since the Houston Texans have had Case Keenum at quarterback, they have been throwing the ball more and more every game. This week, I feel that the Raiders will have finally caught on and cover Andre Johnson so that he does not beat them. This will leave Hopkins with more one-on-one looks and have a real good chance to have a very productive fantasy week for you.

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Wondering if I should pick up Ingram, one of Tampa Bay’s RB or should I just play Bell during Bernard’s bye week? – Anthony

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Another great question this week, Anthony! The more and more I learn about your fantasy football team, the more and more I think our teams are very similar in construction. I will also have this same problem in regards to Giovani Bernard next week. However, I would not feed into the hype of adding Mark Ingram or any other Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back to my roster. These guys are not proven and Ingram has shown us in the past that he is not on the right team to have a huge rushing game. Joique Bell is on a great offense and always has a chance to get multiple touches as well as a touchdown every week. If I were you, I would go with Bell hands down!

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Who should I start: Matt Ryan or Nick Foles? – Mark

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Mark, this is a great question and I have been wondering this one myself. Matt Ryan, I felt, coming into this season was going to have a monster year and that he would finally get closer to the level of Tom Brady and players like that in fantasy football. However, injuries have not helped him out at all this season. I would go with Nick Foles this week for two reasons. First off, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the Washington Redskins who have been one of the easiest teams to throw on this season. Also, Foles has thrown for 10 touchdowns over the past two games. I see Foles putting up great numbers against the Redskins and having another great week for his owners in Week 11.

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With Jason Witten on a bye, who can I pick up this week off waivers? – Chuck

Witten bye
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Oh little brother, these problems must run in the family. I know both of us have had our problems with Jason Witten in our other fantasy leagues this season. With that being said, I got two guys who I think will be nice pick-ups for Week 11. First, Brandon Pettigrew is a great play against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you remember, which I know being a Steelers fan you do, the game that Rob Gronkowski had against them? Granted, Pettigrew is not The Gronk, but the Detroit Lions love to throw the football and I feel he will be a nice start against the Steelers. Second, try to get Jermaine Gresham of the Cincinnati Bengals. They play the Cleveland Browns this week and Joe Hayden will have A.J. Green locked up for most of the game. Look for Andy Dalton to check down to Gresham a lot in this game and for him to possibly find the end zone.

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Should I trade Jason Witten for whatever I can get? – Me

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This is a huge problem I have had in my fantasy league. One of my saving graces, at least for a bit, has been that I drafted Jordan Cameron. Now if the Browns can get him the ball, I would be doing really well. However, I drafted Jason Witten to be a guy that I knew I could depend on. He has been anything but that this season. For anyone else who is having Jason Witten problems, like my brother and I, I feel that if you can get a WR2 or even a decent defense for him that would be a good deal. You may have to package Witten with someone else right now to move him, but I feel that it is a move that needs to be made.