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Fantasy Football: Top 5 Players to Trade For After Week 11

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Fantasy Football: Top Five Players to Trade For After Week 11

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With the trade deadline rapidly approaching in most fantasy leagues, there’s only a little bit of time left to try and give your team that little boost it needs to get you into and through the playoffs. The waiver wire is pretty much dead at this point, so a trade is really the only viable option if you’re looking to tweak your roster.

Every so often, little windows of opportunity open up in fantasy football, allowing us to take advantage of situations that we read quite differently from others in our pools. I’m talking about buying low and selling high, an obvious system that somehow often gets overlooked. I think it might be because a lot of people tend to see that as being devious as if you’re trading under false pretenses. That’s really not the case; it’s simply a matter of trading based on your prediction of whether a given player’s fantasy value is trending up or down for whatever reason. There’s nothing devious about that because after all, you could be wrong!

This week, there are a few players who I believe are set for sub-par performances that will open a buy-low window for you to take advantage of. I think a lot of owners are going to feel slightly rattled by weak numbers from these players, causing them to panic just enough to want to make a deal before it’s too late. If it does play out like that, don’t think twice. Jump on an opportunity to grab one of those players as long as you make sure you aren’t giving away too much to justify the trade.

Here are five players to buy low on after they post mediocre totals this week:

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5. T.Y. Hilton

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Since Reggie Wayne went down with a season-ending injury a few weeks back, T.Y. Hilton has stepped in and seamlessly transitioned into Andrew Luck’s favorite target. He had two strong games in a row but posted a semi-dud on Thursday night. Many think it was a function of him coming back to Earth, but I think it was purely the result of some missed opportunities on the part of Luck. Hilton is explosive and although he has a few tough matchups down the stretch. I don’t think any team will be able to shut him down completely. He has massive upside, so if the guy who owns him in your pool soured a bit after Thursday night, swoop in.

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4. Shane Vereen

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Shane Vereen got his owners’ hopes up with a big opening-week performance, only to get hurt and go on short-term injured reserve. After missing almost the entire season, all signs point to him being healthy and ready to suit up this Monday night. It’s possible that he’ll be eased into his first game back so if it’s not enough to appease his current owner, get in there. He’ll be a big, important part of that offense for the rest of the season.

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3. Roddy White

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Roddy White’s season has been a spectacular bust of epic proportions. His injuries were mishandled for the first half until his coaches finally came to their senses. He’s now had time to heal properly and seems like he’s well over the injury hump. The only reason he hasn’t really shown it yet is because he’s at a brutal point in the team’s schedule. He could very well get shut down by Darrelle Revis this week, so if that’s the last straw for whoever owns him, take advantage. He’s on the brink of a breakout and could be clutch come playoff time.

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2. Eddie Lacy

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Eddie Lacy was on fire before Aaron Rodgers got hurt, leading the league in rushing from Week 5 through Week 9. With the team’s third-string quarterback now at the helm for the time being, defenses will be stacking the box against Lacy since there isn’t a threatening passing game to respect. He could wind up with his second letdown in a row this week but make no mistake – he’s a fantasy stud and as soon as Rodgers gets back, he’ll start shredding it again. It helps that he also has a joke of a schedule the rest of the way.

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1. Percy Harvin

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Percy Harvin finally makes his highly-anticipated debut for his new team this week, but he’s expected to be on a snap count. A low snap count is something people tend to overlook occasionally when judging a performance, so it’s possible some people are going to have the wrong idea about Harvin after this game. You’ll be blessed if one of those people turns out to be in your pool because Harvin is going to be a fantasy beast down the stretch. This week’s game is just an opportunity for him to get his legs back. When the team comes out of their bye and gets back to the grind in Week 13, Harvin won’t be held back and he’ll reach his potential in no time. Imagine what he’ll be able to do with a talented quarterback throwing to him for a change.