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Fantasy Football Q&A For Week 12

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Fantasy Football Q&A For Week 12

Week 12
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Oh how quickly this NFL and fantasy football season are moving by! It seems like yesterday it was the Independence Day and everyone was outside grilling and watching fireworks. Now, there are threats of snow and the NFL regular season is coming closer and closer to its end.

This week is yet another crucial week in fantasy football. First, teams like the Cincinnati Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks are on byes. That means owners of players like Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, A.J. Green, and Giovani Bernard are going to have some big decisions to make in terms of who to start in their places this week. Also, the trade deadline ends for most leagues this week if it didn’t already end last week. Fantasy managers are crunching the numbers and wondering if their team as constructed right now is good enough to make the playoffs and possibly win their fantasy football league’s championship.

This week’s addition of Q and A had many questions regarding some of those very items. Some of the questions this week were very hard to answer -- especially with you guys asking about how I feel players will do for the rest of the season. As I said in previous additions to this segment, I wish I had a crystal ball to give the downright correct answer, but I don’t! You are getting the best of my knowledge, analysis, and hopefully right answers for your team moving forward. I am always glad to receive questions by new people to this segment, and I hope that you all continue to post me your questions every week.

Again, if you would like to send your weekly questions, please use the social media networks listed below for me and I will be happy to answer your questions for this article and throughout the week.

Now without further ado, here are your fantasy football questions for Week 12.

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In non-keeper, would you trade Byrant, Stacy for Decker and F. Jackson as well as getting a 1st and 4th round picks? – Mike

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Mike glad to hear from you! It’s been a while. This is a very interesting question. I have never had someone ask something like this before. Playing in a non-keeper league that your placement the previous year determines your draft position is very intriguing. You also stated to me on Facebook that you are on the bubble to either make the playoffs or not this season. Look, if you can get an additional first and fourth round pick next season as well as gain Eric Decker for this season’s stretch run, I like it! I know you are giving up Dez Bryant and some draft picks in the later rounds, but the long term reward is much greater. I think Bryant will do well the rest of the way out, but I also think you have a decent shot of Decker and Fred Jackson having a good remainder of the year. Great question and I would pull this trade off if I was you and you will be very grateful come next season.

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I need a WR3 for this week. Is Kenny Stills a good play? – Dan

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Dan, this is a great question and I am glad you brought up Kenny Stills this week. Look, I love this play in Week 12, especially if you are having bye problems with players like A.J. Green or Percy Harvin. Stills and the New Orleans Saints are going against the struggling Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are just flat out playing bad, and teams are having no problem scoring points on them. If the Saints put up points against the San Francisco 49ers’ defense then Stills and company should have a much better game on Thursday night. I definitely can see Still getting a few deep balls thrown to him during the game and would be a great upside play if you need him this week.

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For the stretch run, do you feel I will get any value out of S. Jackson, Spiller, or McFadden? – Jay

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Jay, as always another great question. Let’s start with the guys who I think have very little value for the rest of the season. First, Darren McFadden is done. Since getting injured, Rashad Jennings has done nothing but impress the pants off of the Oakland Raiders coaching staff. If and when Run DMC comes back it will be in a shared role with Jennings, and even that is up for debate. I think the same is true for C.J. Spiller. The guy has been playing hurt for most of the season. I guess this is what happens when the coaching staff says they are going to run him until he throws up. Even after his bye week in Week 12 I still see it being a timeshare for the Buffalo Bills, and I do not see Spiller having much value at all the rest of the season. The only way he will is if Fred Jackson goes down with an injury.

Now, for a possible positive situation for the running backs you have asked me about this week. I feel that Steven Jackson has a slight chance to do something down the stretch. Jackson has looked old and slow in the limited time he has played this season. However, I think the Atlanta Falcons are going to want to see what they have with Jackson going into next season. Look for him to get a fair try for the remainder of the season, but again there is only a little bit of upside for him.

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Have a must win situation, Matt Ryan or Ben Roethlisberger in Week 12? – Pete

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Oh Pete, before I even start this conversation, I would like to say I am sorry about the loss that your Kansas City Chiefs had last weekend to the Denver Broncos. I know it had to be tough for you, but back to your question. I actually think both guys can do well this week. As I discussed with you, Matt Ryan is going to get a ton of garbage time against the New Orleans Saints this Thursday night. He has already thrown for 300 yards and two touchdowns against them this season, and he is going to have to pass to beat them again. However, I think Ben Roethlisberger is on fire right now! Ever since the rumors of him possibly getting traded in the offseason came to light he has been trying to show the Pittsburgh Steelers and their fans that he wants to stay. In Week 12 he will take on the very tough Cleveland Browns defense that has shut many teams down this season. Big Ben has played well in his career against the Browns and in the state of Ohio. If I were to give you one guy, I would go with Big Ben. I just think he is rolling right now, and you've got to play the hot hand. Hope this helps.

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Does James Jones have any value with the Packers’ QB situation? – Clayton

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

This is a very tough question, Clayton. James Jones was predicted to be a lightning rod for the Green Bay Packers offense this season. Jones has had a few things wrong with him during this disappointing season. First, he has had some injury problems. Also, Jones does not have Pro Bowl quarterback Aaron Rodgers to throw him the football. This is hurting the entire Green Bay Packers receiving corps, but it is especially hurting Jones. James Jones is looked at right now as the third option behind Jordy Nelson and Jarrett Boykin. The Packers are putting third string quarterback Scott Tolzien out there until Rodgers is healthy again. With Tolzien in at quarterback I do not see a great value in Jones right now, but if Rodgers can return before the end of the season then I feel Jones will have some value.

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Trade question: I’m getting Josh Gordon for Darren Sproles. Deal or No Deal? – Snap

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

I always have to be on my toes with your questions Snap. This is a very interesting question. Now, you have already told me your situation at running back is very good with Zac Stacy, Ben Tate, and Rashad Jennings. I would pull this deal off for sure. Look, you are trading away Darren Sproles who has been very hit or miss this season. Sproles has been injured, and frankly the Saints just aren’t using him like they have in seasons past. You will be getting a No. 1 receiver who is his team’s favorite offensive weapon. I would say yes to this deal in a heartbeat!

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I already have Matt Ryan, but should I pick up Ryan Fitzpatrick? – Pat

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Pat, now you just got Matt Ryan from me in exchange for Colin Kaepernick and already you are giving up on him? I understand your concerns. The man they call Matty Ice has been cold as ice this fantasy season. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very interesting pick up. I think if you have room on your bench you could possibly snatch him up. He is known to be a gunslinger in the past for the Buffalo Bills. Do I think he will be a fantasy football Godsend for you? No, but I think if you do not have that much confidence in Ryan and you want to play the match-ups for the rest of the season then by all means do it.

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Who should I start for my flex: Fitzgerald, Ridley, or Amendola? – Some Dude

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

First off, I must say I love the Twitter name! Many of us have been discussing this issue you sent me on Twitter and this is a very good question.

Stevan Ridley is going against the fourth best run defense in the league in the Denver Broncos, who pretty much shut down Jamaal Charles last weekend. Ridley had a huge fumble in his Week 11 game that had him see the bench for part of the game. With the return of Shane Vereen and Ridley’s fumble problems, I would stay away from him this week.

It is sad that Larry Fitzgerald just cannot get it going this season for the Arizona Cardinals. I thought he would have a huge season, especially getting Carson Palmer at quarterback. That being said, he does have a pretty good match-up against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 12. Palmer and Fitzgerald are slowly showing that they are clicking, finally.

Now, Danny Amendola is very interesting. I like him in Week 12 against the Broncos. Look, both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady love to play against each other and they bring their very best when their teams face off. The Kansas City Chiefs did much better passing against the Broncos than running the ball. I think Amendola is going to want to show the New England Patriots fans that he was a better choice than Wes Welker and will want to show ownership that they were right gambling on him.

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Need a kicker for Week 12. What do you think about Randy Bullock? – Some Dude

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it is not often that I get a question about who to start at kicker. I will say that many people take their kicker position for granted or overvalue it. I feel that it is best to either play kickers by match-ups or if you have a solid kicker, just stick with him. I like Randy Bullock this week. His Houston Texans are taking on the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. That means the Texans should be moving the football and giving Bullock many chances to put points on the board for the Texans as well as for your fantasy team.

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Who to start this week: Delanie Walker or Jordan Cameron? – The King

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Hey King, yet another great fantasy question. I would go with Delaine Walker this week. I think Jordan Cameron is a great player and should be an amazing fantasy football player for you. However, the Cleveland Browns just are not using him. I have no idea why, but Cameron and Jason Campbell just do not seem to be on the same page. Walker, on the other hand, is showing that he was a pretty good pick up for the Tennessee Titans this offseason. Last week, Walker had a very good game against the Indianapolis Colts getting 10 targets for 91 yards and a touchdown. This week, Walker will go against an Oakland Raiders defense that gave up 136 yards and a touchdown to Garrett Graham. I like this start very much, go with Walker. One last thing on Jordan Cameron, though; he could do well against the Pittsburgh Steelers who did look like a paper thin defense against Rob Gronkowski, but you can’t go with a maybe. Go with Walker, he is a much better and safer play in Week 12.

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Who is the better start this week: Jordan Cameron or Garrett Graham? – Randall

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Randall, wow this is a tough one. Garrett Graham is the guy to go with here for two reasons. First off, he had a great game last weekend against the Oakland Raiders. He had 136 yards and a touchdown in a losing effort. This week he will be facing a Jacksonville Jaguars defense that gives up the second most points to opposing tight ends this season. Also, last season Graham had eight catches for 82 yards and two touchdowns against them. I can see more of the same in Week 12. In regards to Cameron, I can’t say this enough. The Browns just are not using him. Ever since Jason Campbell took over as quarterback he has been focusing more on Josh Gordon more than Cameron. Cameron has a chance to do well against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he has had a chance to do well in many of the last few games and did not.

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Who would you start: Chris Ivory or Bobby Rainey in Week 12? – Joel

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Joel, it’s good to hear from you man! This is a question that I had for myself going into Week 12. I like the play of Chris Ivory of late, and I feel that he is the guy out of these two moving forward that will be the most successful. However, Ivory and the New York Jets go up against the very tough Baltimore Ravens run defense. With the struggles of the Jets at quarterback, Ivory may not have such a good day on Sunday. On the other hand, Bobby Rainey came out of nowhere in Week 11. He was the leading point getter in all of fantasy football. He will go against a struggling Detroit Lions defense in Week 12. I say go with Rainey because of the match-up this week, but be careful. He has not been a feature back since college and I just hope he is not a one trick pony for you.

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Need to start two in Week 12: Stacy, C. Johnson, Vereen, Tate, or Jennings? - Shaun

Need start
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, first question you send me Shaun and it’s a tough one! Thanks. As we talked about before, I would go with Zac Stacy and Rashad Jennings. I like Stacy this week because of the game that Ray Rice had against the Chicago Bears in Week 11. If Rice, who is having a tough year did that well against them, then I think Stacy will do even better. I also would go with Jennings because he is the hot hand. Jennings is showing the Oakland Raiders that they do not need Darren McFadden anymore and that he can be their guy moving forward. In the long run for your team I like Shane Vereen. I think Vereen will be a monster down the stretch, but after the Broncos held stud running back Jamaal Charles last weekend to very little yards in the air, I would not start him in Week 12.

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Who would start this week: Darren Sproles or Ryan Mathews? – Chuck

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nice question little brother! I know Ryan Mathews is your boy and you know what, I would roll with him in Week 12. I like him for two reasons this week. First, Darren Sproles has been inconsistent and dealing with injuries of late. Yes, the Saints have a good match-up against the Atlanta Falcons, but everyone seems to be getting the ball in the Saints’ backfield and you just cannot trust Sproles right now. I would also go with Mathews because the Chiefs surrendered two rushing touchdowns to the Broncos in Week 11. Yes, Knowshon Moreno did not score them, but Montee Ball did and that is why I like Mathews this week. He does have a tough match-up against the Chiefs, but I think it is going to be a battle of running backs in this game.

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Who will have the better fantasy day: Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? – Me

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

This is not a matter of which one am I going to start because I own Peyton Manning and would never sit him period! I do think this is going to be a big fantasy match-up between the two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Tom Brady was very angry after the blown call that caused his New England Patriots to lose on Monday Night Football. I think given that fact as well as facing off against his old nemesis will set him off this week. Peyton Manning will also bring his A game against Brady, because not only do they bring the best out of each other, but the Broncos need to keep winning to stay tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in the AFC and the division. If I were to pick one guy to have the better day, I have to go with Peyton Manning. He just has too many weapons not to have a huge week.