Can Calvin Johnson Keep Up Unbelievable Fantasy Football Pace?

By Tristen Challe
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Through the first six games of the NFL season, fantasy football owners were happy but not ecstatic about the play from Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. Things sure have turned around for Johnson owners in the past four weeks as he has dominated the fantasy receiver world. The question with Johnson is, can he keep this pace up? Or is Johnson setting up his fantasy owners to be greatly disappointed in his play come playoff time?

Johnson was able to post some stellar number in Week 2 of the season, but in the other five of six weeks, Johnson combined for 32 fantasy points. Then all of a sudden in Week 7, Johnson started his trend of having monster games. Since Week 7, Johnson has not fallen below the 20 point fantasy mark and even recorded one game with over 300 yards receiving.

It makes no difference what defensive back Johnson is playing against as of late, he still finds a way to get it done. Johnson is a huge mismatch for any corner back in the NFL as his monster frame and unmatched ability to catch any passes thrown his way is nearly unstoppable.

Most likely Johnson is a big part of your fantasy team and has been responsible for your team solidifying a playoff spot. Over the years of my fantasy football experience, I’ve seen players put together amazing strings of fantasy play for their owners, only to fall back down to earth come playoff time. In no way will this be the case for Johnson as the end of the season rolls around.

I could go on about how great it is to have Johnson on your fantasy team, but you already know that. So looking ahead towards the rest of the fantasy season and playoffs, Johnson has such a favorable schedule that there’s no way he doesn’t keep this pace up.

As of right now with Week 12, Johnson goes up against a pass defense that ranks in the bottom half of league for fantasy points they give up to wide outs. The final three fantasy games of the regular season look like a goldmine for Johnson owners and he has unbelievable potential to get your team massive points and get you a better playoff seed.

Once you make it into the playoffs, Johnson faces off against a Baltimore Ravens defense which is not near as strong as they have been before. No reason to expect any less than 100 yards and a touchdown from Johnson there.

Then in championship week, Johnson lines up across from a roller coaster of a pass defense in the New York Giants. The Giants’ defense was horrible to start the season, but as of late have improved although their recent stats may be a bit skewed based off the teams they have faced. Again, I see Johnson as a dominant force in this game and will put up championship caliber fantasy points.

With Matthew Stafford at quarterback, Johnson will continue to see the ball plenty of times from here on out and the potential for him to rip off more big-yard touchdown passes is through the roof with Stafford.

Johnson is one individual player who I would not want to face in the fantasy playoffs and if you’re one of the fantasy owners who have him on your team, feel free to throw in massive amounts of trash talk and how you’ll win the fantasy championship because, frankly, Johnson will back you up.

Tristen Challe is a Fantasy Writer for Rantsports. Follow him on Twitter @TristenChalle or on Google

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