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2013 Fantasy Football: 7 Somewhat Bold Week 12 Predictions

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2013 Fantasy Football: 7 Somewhat Bold Week 12 Predictions

2013 Fantasy Football: 7 Somewhat Bold Week 12 Predictions
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One of the fun things about making somewhat bold predictions is that you can throw out the stats and really just trust whatever your gut says. I refer to this as the “Bayless” method. You just open your mouth and let whatever falls out fall out and not get bothered with things like logic, reason or even simple fact checking.

I would love to have that kind of laissez fair attitude when it comes to my writing, but you fine readers of deserve better. You have helped us grow this site at an incredible rate, and I know I speak for every single writer on this page when I say “thank you for reading.” We truly appreciate every single page view, like or share on Facebook, +1, or retweet that you all provide us. It is a really amazing feeling to have you readers trust us enough with your fantasy teams to ask us questions and pick our brains on your lineup dilemmas week in and week out. While we may not all agree on every topic, we do our best to give our audiences an array of thoughts and angles in which to think about a certain player, team or matchup.

Since you guys deserve better than the Bayless method provides, these seven somewhat bold fantasy football predictions for week 12 were not reached using the Bayless method. I took a look at the matchups, broke down the coverage and came up with some predictions for this weekend’s set of games, based on current trends, past production and sprinkled in a little bit of gut trusting. These may not blow you away with their boldness, but I think the odds are in favor of the following things happening this week.

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Vincent Jackson Will Go Over 100 Yards And Score A TD

Vincent Jackson
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This summer I wrote about how maddeningly inconsistent Vincent Jackson can be. A top tier talent, he has the tools to be a top five wide receiver, but has trouble stringing those games together. Looking back at his performance to date, he has alternated a few poor games with some incredible ones. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to take on the Detroit Lions and Tampa Bay will need to score points to keep up with Detroit’s top eight offense. The Lions secondary has been torched consistently this season, and Jackson should take advantage of the matchup.

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Andre Johnson Will Be A Top 5 WR This Week

Andre Johnson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak will go back to Case Keenum this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars after benching him for Matt Schaub last week. After Andre Johnson was caught ripping on Schaub on the sidelines last week, I fully expect Keenum to force the ball to his star receiver. In the four games Keenum has started, Johnson has 28 catches, 471 yards and five touchdowns, an average of seven catches, 117.5 yards and one and a quarter touchdowns per game. I don’t need a stat to tell you how bad the Jaguars defense has been. This is as sure fire a lock as there is in football.

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Reggie Bush Will Be A Top 5 RB This Week

Reggie Bush Will Be A Top 5 RB This Week
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This probably isn’t a big stretch, but I recently read that Reggie Bush would be a letdown in fantasy this week, and I couldn’t disagree more. Granted the Bucs run defense is very good, but Bush is not just a downhill runner. He gets the ball in space, catches passes and is 10th in running back scoring for a reason. With Calvin Johnson drawing at least two defenders in coverage, Bush should have plenty of room to operate. The injury to Joique Bell removes any doubt of another second half benching and only stands to increase Bush’s workload and fantasy outlook.

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Eli Manning Will Throw Over 350 Yards And 3 TD’s

Eli Manning
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

While Eli Manning has been inconsistent to bad over this season, he did light up the Dallas Cowboys in week one, throwing for 450 yards and four touchdowns. Dallas has the second worst passing defense in the league, and are allowing the most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks, 12th to wide receivers and second most to running backs. With Andre Brown back in the mix, plus weapons like Victor Cruz and touchdown machine Rueben Randle, Manning will have one of his best fantasy outings on the season.

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Wes Welker Will Score Twice

Wes Welker Will Score Twice
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Peyton Manning knows how to keep his receivers happy. When one of them has a huge game one week, Manning somehow makes a point to find a different receiver the next week. This season his three big receivers are all within six catches of each other. While he will never admit publicly that he wants to burn his old team, you can bet that Wes Welker wants to destroy a team that wouldn’t give him a fair contract, then gave a bigger one to a player that is as brittle as balsa wood. Manning knows that as well and will look to feed Welker the rock. With the New England Patriots secondary banged up, Welker should be able to find the end zone.

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Joe Flacco Will Throw More INT’s Than TD’s

Joe Flacco Will Throw More INT’s Than TD’s
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Even though it is a small sample size (two games) Joe Flacco has struggled against the New York Jets in his career, completing only 43.5 percent of his passes while having zero touchdowns. Worse off, he has two interceptions and lost two fumbles. This season, Flacco has not lived up to the huge contract he received over the summer, as he currently ranks 20th in quarterback scoring, behind Ryan Tannehill and Alex Smith. Rex Ryan is a very good at defense, and should find ways to keep Flacco under duress throughout the game.

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Marlon Brown will score a TD

Marlon Brown will score a TD
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This might be the boldest prediction on my list, but I think that Marlon Brown will have a touchdown this week. The Jets defense should be focusing most of their passing defense on Torrey Smith, leaving Brown in softer coverage. Antonio Cromartie has been awful this season and Ed Reed isn’t the same Reed that used to scare offenses. Either matchup is appealing for Brown.