Fantasy Football Week 14: DeSean Jackson Will Bounce Back

By Dan Freeman
DeSean Jackson
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy owners were undoubtedly unhappy with DeSean Jackson‘s dud of a performance last week. We’ve come to expect a lot from the wideout since he’s having such a terrific campaign, so a letdown on the final Sunday of the regular fantasy season was definitely a downer. There’s no need to panic, however, as last week was nothing more than a foreseen bump in the road.

Jackson spent most of last Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals shadowed by Patrick Peterson, which was to be expected. Peterson’s bread and butter is shutting down opponents’ top wideouts so we knew going in that he would be sticking with Jackson. It shouldn’t have been surprising to anyone that Jackson wound up with just three catches for 36 yards, because that’s right on par with what Peterson typically allows.

Consider the virtual donut as nothing more than the result of impeccable defense and take solace in the fact that it won’t be happening again the rest of the way.

Jackson has a dream schedule for the fantasy playoffs, beginning this week with a matchup against the Detroit Lions. The Lions have been utterly dreadful against the pass this season, aside from their containment of Matt Flynn on Thanksgiving. I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but I’m 99.9 percent sure that we can chalk that one up to Flynn playing at a level that would get him cut from a peewee house league team.

So the fact remains that you could probably pluck a random guy off the street corner and have him throw a couple of touchdowns against the Lions.

Jackson is having the best season of his career, currently on pace for 81 receptions, 1361 yards and nine touchdowns. Those numbers will all be higher after he demolishes the Lions so put last week’s ugliness in your rear-view and let him take you to the promised land.

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