Fantasy Football Week 14: Monday Night Mayhem

By Dan Freeman
Marshall and Carr
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The only thing more excruciating than a fantasy matchup coming down to Monday night is a fantasy playoff matchup coming down to Monday night. To make matters worse, just as we head into the playoffs, we’re hit with a Monday night clash that could wind up producing more relevant fantasy points than half of Sunday’s games combined!

The Dallas Cowboys will be taking on the Chicago Bears in a game that has the potential to simultaneously fulfill and crush hundreds of thousands of fantasy dreams everywhere. I realize that the same can be said most weeks, but you can’t tell me this week isn’t a little different.

The Bears and Cowboys are similar in several ways. Specifically, they both boast powerful offenses with numerous weapons and neither team will show you any semblance of defense. That’s going to amount to a whole lot of points being scored all night long, resulting in some massive fantasy performances for a number of players.

From the Cowboys, it’ll start with Tony Romo. Chicago’s defense is a shell of what it was a year ago, and they just don’t have the manpower to contain all of Dallas’ weapons. Romo should have no trouble getting what he wants, when he wants, how he wants.

That means big opportunities for Dez Bryant and Jason Witten, who also shouldn’t have any difficulty gaining separation at will. It would be completely shocking if all three of them didn’t wind up with double-digit fantasy points. The only thing that could possibly keep that from happening is DeMarco Murray vulturing every single touchdown, which we can’t rule out given how pathetic the Bears’ run defense is.

With the numbers they’ve been allowing to opposing backs, it’s hard to believe they’ve actually been on the field when it’s been going on. In case you’ve forgotten, Adrian Peterson destroyed them on his way to over 200 yards last week. Of all the Cowboys, Murray has the most favorable matchup. Still, it’s really just going to be a matter of the Bears picking their poison. I’ll be impressed if they manage to stop Dallas from putting up points on more than three drives in this game.

On the other side, there’s just as much scoring potential. The Cowboys’ defense is equally as inept as the Bears’ so Josh McCown, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte also all have absolutely nothing standing between them and massive fantasy performances. Dallas has been abused through the air non-stop, so the passing game figures to benefit the most for the Bears, although Forte’s pass-catching ability out of the backfield should keep him in the mix as well.

It’s honestly hard to imagine any offensive drives not resulting in points in this game. It’s going to be agony for the countless people who have vested fantasy interest in it. If you’re one of those people, just take solace in the fact that your situation can’t possibly be as bad as mine — after limping into the playoffs with an injury-ravaged team, I’ll now have the distinct displeasure of facing McCown, Marshall, Forte, Murray and Witten on Monday night.

I figure I’ll need to go into that game with a 150-point lead to be safe. Good god …

Dan Freeman is a Fantasy football writer for Follow him on Twitter @DanFreeman88.

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