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Fantasy Football: Week 15 Q&A Playoff Edition, Part II

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Fantasy Football: Week 15 Q and A Playoff Edition Part II

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Can you believe it? We are only one week away from the fantasy football championship games! After all of the researching, the watched video clips and the time put into your team, the biggest weeks of the fantasy football season are upon us.

In one of the last additions to our Q and A for the 2013 season, the questions are getting tougher and tougher. I am very honored that many of you trust me enough to take my advice on things like this. I myself am in three playoff games this week, so many of your questions are beneficial to me as well!

The questions coming in this week are “start ‘em/sit’em” ones. Many of you are wondering if Jordan Cameron is the right play this week or not.

One type of question that I did not receive this week were ones on which kicker should you start. It does always amaze me how people get so concerned about team defenses, but not kickers. In case any of you are wondering about a nice kicker to start this week, I would go with Matt Bryant of the Atlanta Falcons. The team will play the struggling Washington Redskins. I look for Bryant to get many opportunities to put a few footballs through the uprights.

Next week, we will be having a very special addition to this segment and will focus on more 'start or sit' questions than anything else.

I wish all of you who are still in the playoffs the best of luck (unless I am playing you this week, then I cannot say the same). If any of you have any questions around game time on Thursday, Sunday or Monday, please feel free to contact me via the social media links listed below.

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Need three receivers to start: Jennings, Colston, Cotchery, or Nelson? – Pete

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tricky question this week, Pete. All of these receivers have pretty nice matchups in Week 15. If I were to pick one receiver that I would bench this week, it would be Jerricho Cotchery. The Pittsburgh Steelers are playing the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals have a tough defense, and I just think the rest of the players you mentioned above just have a better chance at scoring than Cotchery does this week. If you really like Cotchery, then the only other person I would recommend to sit would be Greg Jennings. The passing game for the Minnesota Vikings is just very inconsistent. He cannot be fully trusted.

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Need some lineup advice with Peterson out: Bernard, Bush/Bell, Gerhart, Crabtree, A. Johnson, S. Smith, Cordarelle, Hilton, or J. Jones? – John

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John, this has to be the hardest question I have received all season long! You are not the only person that is concerned about Adrian Peterson being out. This will hurt many managers’ lineups during the most important week of the season thus far. Now, you listed many other players, but I could not fit them into this question. For the players that you listed, I would suggest the following to start.

At running back, I would start Reggie Bush or Joique Bell. You will have to keep track of this because the Detroit Lions play on Monday Night Football. Bush did not play on Sunday, but is looking like he may play on Monday night. I am all about Giovani Bernard, and please do not be scared about his matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At wide receiver, I would start Andre Johnson without a doubt. Johnson will be taking on the Indianapolis Colts, who he scored three touchdowns against earlier in the season. I would also start Michael Crabtree over Steve Smith. Crabtree has a very nice matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He is being worked more and more into the San Francisco 49ers’ game plan. Crabtree will finally hit his stride this week!

If I would pick one guy at flex for you this week, it would be either Toby Gerhart or Cordarrell Patterson. Patterson is really starting to be used a great deal by the Minnesota Vikings and will only get more chances to show the team what he can do. Also, if you can pick up Gerhart to replace Peterson, that would be the best move. Gerhart will be in line to get 20-25 touches in this game. That is exactly what you need for this week!

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Need a team defense for this week, who would you go with? Not many to pick from – The King

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey King, I have the same problem myself this week in one of my big leagues. I have playing the matchups with defenses. Also, this week is a tough week to pick up any sneaky plays at defense. A defense that can put up points for your team is the Buffalo Bills vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars. Neither team is blessed with fantastic offenses, so this is where you want to look. If I were you, I'd pick up the Bills’ defense. The Jags may be without running back Maurice Jones-Drew. If so, the Bills should be able to stop the Jaguars and put up some points in sacks and turnovers.

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After Cameron’s nice Week 15, would you start him or Dennis Pitta? – The King

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

King, I’m almost certain that you and I have close to the same fantasy football team! Yes, Jordan Cameron finally broke out, and I do think that the Cleveland Browns have a nice matchup against the Chicago Bears in Week 15. However, you have to go with the guy that should be used the most out of the two, and that is Dennis Pitta. I think Pitta will be targeted heavily by Joe Flacco in the Baltimore Ravens game against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. Plus, I always like to have someone playing on Monday Night; it makes you feel like you still have hope no matter what happens!

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Who will have the better game: Danny Amendola or Julian Edelman? – Jeremy

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This is a great question Jeremy! The New England Patriots just lost their star tight end Rob Gronkowski for the rest of the season to both an MCL and ACL injury. That means quarterback Tom Brady will be depending on his wide receivers. As of late, Julian Edelman has been the hot hand for the Patriots. He has been on a tear ever since the Patriots played the Pittsburgh Steelers. On the other hand, many may think that because of all this that Danny Amendola will finally have his chance to shine in this offense. Do not fall for this. Edelman will continue to be the guy in New England and if you own him, start him this week with confidence.

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Who should I play: Jordan Cameron or Jordan Reed? – Me

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

This is a tough question I gave myself. I have had this problem for the past few weeks. I added Jordan Reed at the end of the season thinking that he would be the final piece of my winning team’s puzzle. However, Reed has had some serious concussion issues and has sat out the last few weeks due to headaches. So far, it is unknown if Reed will play on Sunday for the Washington Redskins. In the end, I have to go with the guy who I know will play and who has the potential to put up some nice numbers, and that is Jordan Cameron.