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Reviewing 2013 Fantasy Football Drafts

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The Ultimate 2013 Fantasy Football Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Draft day is by far and away the most important -- and if you're like me, most exciting -- day of the year when it comes to fantasy football. Yes, there are obviously crucial moves to be made throughout the entire season, but the easiest way to set yourself up for success in fantasy football is to have a solid draft. If you drafted Jamaal Charles with your first-round pick in 2013, chances are your season went a little bit differently than someone who spent that same pick on Ray Rice.

Hindsight is 20/20 and at the end of every season, we get the luxury of going back and comparing how players did with how they were drafted. For this exercise, I went back and re-drafted a team from the fifth overall pick in a standard 10-team league. I went round by round and looked at the players who would have likely been available to you based off of ESPN's average draft results and put together what I believe is the perfect team you could have assembled on draft day.

This is meant to be a realistic team that somebody could have drafted prior to the season, so you're not going to see guys like Josh Gordon going in the fourth round, even though he would have still provided great value there. If you drafted a team that's close to the one I resembled, then congratulations because you should have had a great deal of success this football season. If you missed out on any of these guys for players who had inferior seasons, feel free to express your frustration below in the comments.

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1st Round 5th Overall: Jamaal Charles

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Jamaal Charles, RB Kansas City Chiefs

ESPN Average Draft Position: 8.5

Charles is the no. 1 scoring running back this season and the third-highest scoring player in all of fantasy football (he's the only non-quarterback to be in the top 14 of total fantasy points). Charles has 60 more fantasy points this season than LeSean McCoy, who is the second-highest scoring running back.

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2nd Round 15th Overall: Matt Forte

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Forte, RB Chicago Bears

ESPN Average Draft Position: 20.7

Forte is the third-highest scoring running back this season and has just two fewer fantasy points this season than LeSean McCoy. Forte was drafted as the 12th overall running back and has significantly outperformed Ray Rice, Doug Martin, C.J. Spiller, Trent Richardson, Steven Jackson and Arian Foster, who all went before him on draft day.

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3rd Round 25th Overall: Jimmy Graham

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Graham, TE New Orleans Saints

ESPN Average Draft Position: 31.1

Jimmy Graham is the no. 1 scoring tight end with 185 fantasy points this season. The second-highest scoring tight end is Vernon Davis at 146 and the third-highest is Julius Thomas at 128. Jimmy Graham is significantly better than anybody else at his position, and you could have probably had him in the third round.

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4th Round 35th Overall: Eddie Lacy/DeMarco Murray

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Lacy, RB Green Bay Packers

ESPN Average Draft Position: 42.1

DeMarco Murray, RB Dallas Cowboys

ESPN Average Draft Position: 44.1

These two running backs have had almost identical seasons in fantasy purposes. They're seventh and eighth among running backs in total fantasy points (Lacy has 165, Murray has 162) and they have outperformed 15 of the 19 running backs drafted before them.

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5th Round 45th Overall: Matthew Stafford

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Matthew Stafford, QB Detroit Lions

ESPN Average Draft Position: 59.9

Stafford is the fifth-highest scoring quarterback this year, has 11 games of at least 15 fantasy points and has outscored five of the eight quarterbacks that were drafted ahead of him.

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6th Round 55th Overall: Eric Decker

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Decker, WR Denver Broncos

ESPN Average Draft Position: 59.8

Decker is the 10th-highest scoring receiver in fantasy football this season but was just the 20th receiver selected on draft day. Decker was drafted after Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Victor Cruz and Reggie Wayne.

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7th Round 65th Overall: Antonio Brown

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown, WR Pittsburgh Steelers

ESPN Average Draft Position: 69.4

Brown is the third-highest scoring receiver in fantasy football this season, but was just the 24th receiver selected on draft day.

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8th Round 75th Overall: Giovani Bernard

Stan Liu-USA TODAY Sports

Giovani Bernard, RB Cincinnati Bengals

ESPN Average Draft Position: 81.8

Bernard is the 15th-highest scoring running back in fantasy but was just the 29th running back selected on draft day.

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9th Round 85th Overall: T.Y. Hilton

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

T.Y. Hilton, WR Indianapolis Colts

ESPN Average Draft Position: 93.4

This was the toughest pick of them all -- we did not do a good job drafting guys in rounds 9-10 in 2013. Other guys drafted around pick 85: Owen Daniels, Eli Manning, Stevie Johnson, Greg Olsen, Rashard Mendenhall, Sidney Rice, Antonio Gates, Daryl Richardson, Miles Austin, Shane Vereen, Mark Ingram, the Chicago Bears and Houston Texans defenses. Hilton's performance has been underwhelming this season but compared to the other guys drafted around him, he's performed like a star.

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10th Round 95th Overall: Le'Veon Bell

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Le'Veon Bell, RB Pittsburgh Steelers

ESPN Average Draft Position: 108.3

This was a great season for rookie running backs. Bell has scored the 17th-most fantasy points among running backs this season, and he was the 36th running back drafted on average.

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11th Round 105th Overall: Josh Gordon

Ken Blaze- USA TODAY Sports

Josh Gordon, WR Cleveland Browns

ESPN Average Draft Position: 121.5

Josh Gordon is the second-highest scoring receiver so far this year in fantasy, but he was just the 43rd receiver selected in drafts, two spots behind Chris Givens and five spots behind Kenny Britt.

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12th Round 115th Overall: Alshon Jeffery

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Alshon Jeffery, WR Chicago Bears

ESPN Average Draft Position: 122.3

Alshon Jeffery is the seventh-highest scoring receiver with just two games left in the season, but his average draft position was 44th among receivers.

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13th Round 125th Overall: Justin Tucker

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Justin Tucker, K Baltimore Ravens

ESPN Average Draft Position: 132.5

Tucker was the fifth kicker selected in most drafts and he lived up to that pick by being the no. 1 scoring fantasy kicker through 15 weeks.

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14th Round 135th Overall: Kendall Wright

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Wright, WR Tennessee Titans

ESPN Average Draft Position: 143.1

Kendall Wright was a 15th-round pick in most drafts (there are 16 rounds in an ESPN standard league) and was drafted 56th among wide receivers. He rewarded fantasy owners who took a chance on him by scoring the 27th-most fantasy points among receivers so far this season.

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15th Round 145th Overall: Kansas City Chiefs Defense

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Defense/Special Teams

ESPN Average Draft Position: 170

The Chiefs defense went undrafted in many fantasy football drafts but are currently the no. 1 scoring fantasy defense in the NFL.

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16th Round 155th Overall: Zac Stacy

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Zac Stacy, RB St. Louis Rams

ESPN Average Draft Position: 170

Stacy, like the Kansas City Chiefs defense, also went undrafted in most fantasy football leagues but is currently the 16th-highest scoring running back.