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Fantasy Football Week 16 Q and A: Championship Edition

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Fantasy Football Week 16 Q and A Championship Edition

Q and A
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It’s the last week of the fantasy football season no matter if you win or lose. Will you be the champion of your fantasy league or will you have to sit around and think about what might have been if you did this thing or that other thing to your lineup.

This section of Q and A has been a popular one among many people. I find it that every week, people always need suggestions on who to start or sit, who to pick up or if they can trust a player in their lineup. I will say, it is fun trying to figure out other people’s lineup problems. It makes me feel not so alone when it comes to the lineup problems that I have every week.

In Week 16, there are some fantastic matchups to be had for many fantasy owners. These matchups with some top players should pay off for their owners. On the other hand, it can also hurt the owners that will be facing these top players.

This week, many of the questions that I have been asked were about running backs and quarterbacks. It is ironic that these two important positions that people put so much stress on drafting and adding throughout the season would get the most attention during the most important week of the season. Many owners are going to be surprised about who I recommend to start and sit for Week 16.

Again, I would like to thank everyone who has submitted questions for this section all season long as well as to the people who read these articles! I am grateful for all of you and if you need any more additional help this week, please contact me through the social media links listed below.

Now on to the questions!

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Need two running backs this week: C.J. Spiller, Andre Brown, Stevan Ridley, or Dennis Johnson? – Pete

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Pete, this is a great question to start us off with this week. If I were to pick two of these backs to start in Week 16, it would be C.J. Spiller and Andre Brown. I really like Spiller this week against the Miami Dolphins. He is their passing back and that is what they will have to do against the Dolphins to win. Andre Brown is not my favorite this week, however, the New York Giants are taking on a Detroit Lions team that can put up serious points. That means that Giants will have to depend on the undependable arm of Eli Manning. That is bad news for Andre Brown and his owners, however, I feel that the rest of your running backs are not much better off than these two guys.

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I am playing this chump for the championship. Who will be better head-to-head: Rivers or Kaepernick? – Clayton

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Well, Clayton, since that chump happens to be me this week, I find it hard to believe that I am actually giving you advice on this one! However, being the good sport that I am and being that you are my big brother, I guess I can help you. Now, even though you are throwing Philip Rivers out there at me this week, I feel that he has the potential to have a nice game. The San Diego Chargers will be taking on the Oakland Raiders. This is the same team that Rivers threw for 411 yards on as well as two touchdowns. He should have yet another nice week against them.

On the other hand, Colin Kaepernick will be playing on Monday Night Football and taking on the Atlanta Falcons. The San Francisco 49ers are on a roll right now and they need to continue this trend to stay in the NFC playoff picture. In Week 15, the Falcons surrendered 381 yards and three touchdowns to Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. If Cousins could do this, imagine the week that Kaepernick could have against this team!

In the end, Clayton, it will be close, but I have to go with my guy Kaepernick over Rivers this week! Good luck buddy!

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Who should I start for my defense: Cleveland or Seattle? – Pete

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Pete, I am glad to see that you made it to one of your league’s championship week and since it wasn’t in my league, I am happy for you! In Week 16, you have to go with the Seattle Seahawks defense over the Cleveland Browns. The Seahawks are going against the banged up Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals rely on the passing game to hurt other teams and that just so happens to be the strength of the Seahawks’ defense. Yes, Cleveland has a nice matchup against the New York Jets in Week 16, however, I feel that Chris Ivory will have a decent game running the ball against them. You have to start the team that got you there with, buddy, and that team is the Seattle Seahawks.

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Is it worth to start James Jones over Giovani Bernard, especially with Rodgers returning? – John

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John, as you and I are both Giovani Bernard owners, I have to say stick with Bernard over James Jones in Week 16. As of early on Thursday, Aaron Rodgers was still not cleared to play this week. Even if Rodgers plays, Bernard has a fantastic matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings just cannot stop the passing game. Bernard is the back in the Cincinnati Bengals' lineup that can hurt you through the air. Look for another big game for Bernard in Week 16.

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I have a tough situation at quarterback. Who would you start: Kaepernick or Brady? – Pete

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Pete, this answer is all based on matchups. In Week 16, the 49ers are taking on the Falcons. It is not only a game on Monday night, but it is a game that Kaepernick will shine in. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens. This is the same Ravens team that stopped Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford in Week 15. With Rob Gronkowski out for the rest of the season, I feel that Brady will struggle to find a groove in this game. You have to go with Kaepernick in this one, buddy!

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Who would you start this week: Nick Foles or Cam Newton? – John

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This is a very tough question, John. On one hand, you have a quarterback in Cam Newton that has been one of the best in fantasy football this year. On the other hand, you have Nick Foles, who has been the hottest quarterback in fantasy football during the second half of the season. That being said, you have to take the team and the quarterback with the better matchup in Week 16 and that would be Nick Foles. He is taking on the struggling Chicago Bears' defense on Sunday Night Football. Foles should be in line to have one of the best fantasy games of the season in this game. Newton will be taking on the New Orleans Saints that held Newton to only 160 yards and one touchdown through the air in their previous game.

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Will Peyton Manning help me win the championship this week? – Me

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The only reason I posted this question is because of last week’s results. Peyton Manning did not look like Peyton Manning in Week 15. He looked human. In Week 16, the Denver Broncos will be taking on the dismayed Houston Texans. Every team seems to be putting up large amounts of points on this once stellar defense. Look for Manning and the Broncos to put up a large amount of points against the Texans to keep the Broncos as the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

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Is Trent Richardson finally worth starting? – Me

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This may have been the worst draft pick in my history of playing fantasy football. Luckily for me, I was able to get some nice free agents to make up for the mistake of drafting Trent Richardson. Like many owners, I dumped this guy before last week’s contest because he lost the starting job to Donald Brown. In Week 15, Richardson came alive for the Indianapolis Colts and scored a touchdown. Now, I did re-add him to my team that is fighting for third place in my other fantasy football league. The big question regarding Richardson is, can I trust him this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs? The answer is tough, but I feel that he just can’t be trusted. Look, the Chiefs have shut down players like Knowshon Moreno. He is having a much better fantasy football season that Richardson. With Donald Brown practicing this week, Richardson will not see an increase in carries due to this. Keep him on the bench for this week. He just cannot be trusted anymore!

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Can Chris Ivory have a nice week in Week 16? – Me

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This is a question that I posted because it is one that can make or break one of my fantasy teams this week. Chris Ivory has been the “home-run” hitter that fantasy owners love and hate to own all at the same time. There were weeks this season that Ivory rushed for over 100 yards and a touchdown, but there were also weeks that Ivory only gained 11 yards total with no touchdowns. In Week 16, the New York Jets are taking on the Cleveland Browns. The Browns can definitely be scored on and with the way the Browns have the tendency to intercept footballs, look for the Jets to really lean on Ivory in this game. If you own him, you should really consider playing him this week.