Will This Be Last Fantasy Football Season to Draft Peyton Manning?

By Dom DeCarlo
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There are many adjectives you can use to describe the Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning. You can use the words best, Hallof Famer, legend and winner. If you were lucky enough to draft Peyton Manning in your fantasy football league, then many of you were probably playing a meaningful game this weekend in your fantasy football league.

In Week 16, Manning put on a show for his owners. He threw for 400 yards and four touchdowns. This was what everyone who owned him was looking for and anyone who played against him prayed that he did not do this week.

Peyton has been doing this all season long as well as every season except for the injured filled 2011 season. However, there is a big question that many owners need to ask themselves before next season’s draft: Is this the last season that Peyton Manning will put up these type of numbers?

This is a very tough question to answer.

On one hand, you have to look at several factors with Manning. The first factor is his age. Going into next season, Manning will be 38 years old. How much more can his arm, his ankle and his neck take? Manning doesn’t really take many hits. He will tend to fall to the ground before someone hits him, which is a good way to stay healthy. However, if he gets hit hard, will he be able to take those hits for another season?

On the other hand, how can you bet against this guy? After having surgery on his neck, everyone thought that he would not be the same as he was when he was with the Indianapolis Colts. Then, he goes to Denver and all he does is break the single-season touchdown record set by Tom Brady at the age of 37. Why wouldn’t we think that Manning could do this again? He has great weapons in Denver with a great offensive line and the mind like no one has ever seen in NFL history.

Should you draft Peyton Manning next fantasy football season? Only time and your opinion will tell you that next season. As for me, Peyton has helped me get to the Promised Land many times before. However, I feel that if I can get a guy who has a better chance of staying healthy, I think it may be time for me to let Peyton walk into the sunset and just remember the great times we had together.


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