Fantasy Football 2014: Will Michael Vick Be A Starting Quarterback Again?

By Bill Pivetz
Mike Vick
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This year was supposed to be a big year for Michael Vick. A new head coach and a new system were supposed to lead to huge success, and they did — but not for long. Things were looking good for Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles. He had a total of 1,492 yards and seven touchdowns in his first five games.

Then the injuries came. He suffered a hamstring injury, thus giving an opportunity to Nick Foles, who never looked back. Foles finished the season with 27 touchdowns and only two interceptions. Vick took the field one more time in Week 8, but did not fare well. He had 30 passing yards and an interception.

In late November, Chip Kelly officially named Foles the starter. This was most likely the final nail in the coffin for Vick’s career as an Eagle and possibly as an NFL starter. However, Vick put those rumors to bed.

In February, Vick and the Eagles agreed to a one-year, $10 million restructured deal. Well, the year is up and Vick’s future is very uncertain. The Eagles have their starter in Foles with Matt Barkley as a backup. Vick has been very injury-prone over these last few years in Philadelphia. It is unlikely Vick will be back with the Eagles in 2014, so here are three teams that could use his services.

Tennessee Titans: Jake Locker was placed on the IR with a Lisfranc injury. Ryan Fitzpatrick served as the team’s quarterback for most of the season. He finished with 2,454 yards, 14 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. However, when Locker recovers, Fitzpatrick will most likely not be the starter. Although Vick is also injury prone, he can create plays with his feet, something neither quarterback can do.

The Titans have good passing options for a quarterback — Kendall Wright, Nate WashingtonDelanie Walker and Chris Johnson. With a viable quarterback, the Titans may be a threat sooner rather than later.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Fans were picketing for ownership to sign Tim Tebow not too long ago, but it never happened. Blaine Gabbert was injured, but expects to be back with Jacksonville next year. However, many don’t see him as a legitimate starting quarterback. Chad Henne led the team to its four wins this season, as well as throwing nine touchdowns in the final five games.

It would be smart for the Jaguars to draft another quarterback, let Gabbert go and keep Henne as a starter. However, what Tebow could have done, Vick can do it better. He has the legs to extend plays as well as throw it deep to Cecil Shorts. The running back situation is more of a concern with the Jaguars allowing Maurice Jones-Drew to test free agency. Vick could be the spark Jacksonville needs.

Cleveland Browns: A team with a worse quarterback situation than the Jaguars may be the Browns. Jason Campbell and Brandon Weeden are not starting quarterbacks. Yet, Josh Gordon put him amazing numbers in 2013. I talked about the Browns signing MJD as their starting running back as a new head coach takes over. They had something special earlier in the year after trading Trent Richardson, and with the possibility of signing MJD and Vick, the Browns can scare a couple of teams.

With Vick, Gordon, Jones-Drew and Jordan Cameron, the Browns would have superstars at every offensive position. It would look like a fantasy team. The offensive production would be through the roof.

While Vick is getting up there in age at 33, I believe there is still a lot left in the tank. There are a lot of teams that can use his skills. Even with all of the quarterbacks currently signed, the Minnesota Vikings are another team to consider. If Vick can sign with one of these teams, his fantasy value skyrockets and he would be back to fantasy relevancy.

Bill Pivetz is a fantasy football writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Piv1127.

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