Fantasy Football Playoffs: Strategies for Championship Week

By Dom DeCarlo
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The fantasy football season is finally at an end. It is a very sad time of the season for every one of us hard-core players. Many people enjoy playing the playoff versions of this game. If you are one of these managers, then this week will make or break any chance you have to win your league.

For many of the playoff fantasy games, if your player does not make the Super Bowl, then you do not get to replace him for that round. That means you must pick the winners this week. Below, I have some strategies for you that will help you make these hard decisions.

Go with your gut feeling

This week, there are two great games with great players on both sides. Many experts will tell you to take one team over the other and then you will flip to another station and they will say the opposite. For this week, I recommend going with your gut instinct. Trying to analyze both of these tough matchups will just make your head hurt, and you will go nowhere.

Take one or two players from the team that you feel may lose this week

If you are ahead in your league in points headed into this weekend, it would be a smart move for you to take someone from the team that you feel will lose. For example, I have many San Francisco 49ers on my team because I felt that riding them from the first round would benefit me greatly. So far, this plan has worked out pretty well.

However, I do have Marshawn Lynch getting double points for me. If I am wrong and the 49ers lose, I will be in trouble but I will still have a player from the Seattle Seahawks.

If winning, have players from both leagues playing

Taking a risk on one team is a good thing if you are losing, especially if they are underdogs. If you are winning, then I suggest having someone from both the NFC and the AFC teams. Another good suggestion is to have one player from the Denver Broncos or one player from the New England Patriots if you decided to ride with a NFC team. You will definitely have one spot open, but it is better than missing two or three players for the Super Bowl round.

If losing, play the underdog

In a week where all four teams have a good chance of winning, it is tough to find the underdog in these games. However, if you are losing and need to catch up quickly, I recommend playing the “underdog” all the way. Pick the New England Patriots or the San Francisco 49ers. Both of these teams have a great chance to win, but they are on the road so they are considered the underdogs.

Pick one of these strategies, or pick a little bit of them all. Just enjoy one of the last weeks of fantasy football, because it will be a while until the NFL draft comes along.

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