2014 Fantasy Football: Cordarrelle Patterson Is Heating Up

By Alexander Muir
Cordarrelle Patterson
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

In March 2013, the Minnesota Vikings made a bold statement by trading superstar wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks.

This was a move that raised many eyebrows around the NFL. Even the team’s MVP running back Adrian Peterson publically voiced his disapproval of the trade on Twitter. Fast forward to the present and people might be thinking the Vikings actually made a smart move. In exchange for Harvin, they received the Seahawks 2013 first round draft pick, which they used on cornerback Xavier Rhodes, and a third round pick in the 2014 draft. Then, they traded down with the New England Patriots for the 29th pick in the first round. It was in this position that they selected the electric University of Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson.

Comparing Patterson to Harvin, they were both drafted by the Vikings to be triple threat wide receivers who could strike fear into opposing defenses every time they touch the ball. Triple threat receivers are defined as receivers who are utilized in passing, rushing and kick returning.  

In terms of size, Patterson is three inches taller and 35 pounds heavier than Harvin, so Patterson’s larger frame gives him the advantage. Both players posses game-breaking speed that make them viable deep threats, but Patterson’s larger frame makes him look like the better option. Each player can be employed out of the backfield as well. Comparing stats from both of their rookie seasons, Harvin averaged 13.2 yards per catch and 9.0 yards per carry, whereas Patterson averaged 10.4 yards per catch and 13.2 yards per carry. Looking ahead to the 2014 NFL season, what should these numbers mean to fantasy owners?

Patterson is well on his way towards becoming an elite receiver in the NFL. If he is given a stable quarterback situation heading into the next season, fantasy owners should be salivating over Patterson’s potential. As mentioned above, Patterson has the ability to score from a couple different ways, which only increases his value. The striking comparisons to Harvin will also help his draft stock. Owners should not jump too early on Patterson, but if he is available as a mid to late round, then it would make perfect sense to pick him up.    

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