Fantasy Basketball: Who Is Worth Playing From A Puzzling Milwaukee Bucks Rotation?

By Timothy Downs
Brandon Knight Bucks
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It is no secret to anyone who follows the NBA that the Milwaukee Bucks are amongst the worst teams in the sport as currently constituted. While their roster is not void of talent by any means, it does lack any semblance of order and consistency. On any given evening a daily fantasy player could see numerous variations of starting lineups while doing their research and decide to forget the whole team rather than deliberate further.

How could you blame them? Most nights it looks like the lineup was actually constructed by a Ouija Board rather than by coach Larry Drew.

Through all the confusion and clutter, there are a few players worth playing on a semi-regular basis. They are listed below in order of most-to-least reliable.

Brandon Knight, PG

Khris Middleton, SF

John Henson, PF

Giannis Antetokounmpo, SG

Larry Sanders, C

Ersan Ilyasova, PF

Clearly Knight is the best option off the Bucks roster. He is a given for 28-32 minutes and will always produce assists. He has also scored 20 or more points in four of his last seven games. When he does that, he approaches 40 fantasy points and makes you look smart.

Middleton can really help you succeed in tournament play when he has a good night shooting as he is cheaper than most mid-tier players and typically exceeds value. He has played 28 minutes or more over the course of the last five games and scored double-digit points each time. The biggest downfall of his game is the fact that for some reason he is never in position to grab a rebound. So if he does not score close to 20 points he is unlikely to give you that monster performance you’re hoping for when drafting him.

Henson never plays less than 20 minutes when healthy and averages 12.0 points and eight rebounds a game. He is a solid play when his ownership percentage is trending downward lowering his price against the salary cap. Henson is also worth taking a shot on if available through waiver-wire in your season-long league.

Antetokounmpo, also known as “Alphabet,” is only 19-years-old and a very raw talent who is only reliable in the sense that he gets his minutes. But his production is not overly impressive at 7.0 points and 4.7 rebounds per game. However, he is typically priced below the mid-tier players which means he could easily exceed value any night.

Sanders averages just under seven points as well as seven rebounds per game and rarely plays under 20 minutes if healthy. He is available as a F/C on most sites making him a flex option at best as his price is typically too high for my taste.

Ilyasova is the most intriguing player of the bunch as on occasion he can explode for 25 points and also give you ten rebounds. He is a risk/reward type player who is typically on the cheap and worth a shot if you are in a tournament.

Do not play any of the above players unless you have checked to see if they are active.

Timothy Downs is a Fantasy Sports writer at Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @tidow1212

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