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5 Best Fantasy Baseball Options In New York City

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5 Best Fantasy Baseball Options In New York City

New York City Fantasy Baseball Options
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If there is one thing New York City loves, it is MLB and everything that surrounds it. While spring is not quite in the air yet, it is approaching quicker than we realize and before we know it the boys in blue from Queens and the boys in "Yankee" blue from the Bronx will be migrating down to Florida to where it is a bit warmer; embarking on a seven or eight month journey for what many hope will be an exciting season.

The New York Yankees made some of the most intriguing moves in the game over the course of the offseason; saying goodbye to Robinson Cano while welcoming newcomers in Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCan and Masahiro Tanaka amongst others. Alex Rodriguez and the media circus surrounding him will not be around, and the team intends on making a run at the championship after a disappointing 2013 campaign in which they did not make a playoff appearance.

The New York Mets and their fans on the other hand (myself included) seem happy to have improved the team after an embarrassing four-year rebuild. General Manager, Sandy Alderson was finally able to add some free-agent talent in Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon amongst others, and while it is heartbreaking that Matt Harvey is injured and unable to take part in the fun, the David Wright led Mets should be a team that fans will not have to be ashamed to watch any longer.

Both teams have talent that can help fantasy owners this season, but only five could make the list. Although I wanted to include Tanaka, it seemed foolish as we have no real indication on how his game will translate during his first season in America.

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Zack Wheeler Will Impress

Zack Wheeler will impress again
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Zach Wheeler made his long awaited debut in 2013, going 7-5 with a 3.42 era in 100 innings while striking out 84. That is a great record on what was a lousy offensive Mets team. His control is a concern, but his inability to throw strikes at times seemed more to do with rookie nerves than an actual lack of strike-zone awareness.

Wheeler will become known as a high strikeouts per nine innings fantasy option and win 15 games with a 3.50 era or below. Some in your draft will pass on Wheeler, you should not.

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Brian McCann Is A Top Catching Option Still

Brian McCann Top Catching Option
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Brian McCann spent his whole career with the Atlanta Braves and is also from the Atlanta area; so one must wonder how he will adjust to New York, but he was awarded a nice payday to leave the comfort of home behind.

McCann is still only 29 year old, and despite injuries he has accumulated 20 home run seasons over the course of the past six seasons. The inviting short-porch of right-field at Yankee Stadium will give him the opportunity to hit 30. Expect a great statistical season.

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Mark Teixeira Returns Strong From Injury

Mark Teixeira Returns Strong After Injury
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Mark Teixeira only played 15 games in 2013, which was one of the reasons the Yankees finished where they did. He is an elite player, a gold-glove caliber defender and a great overall personality to have on a roster.

Teixeira will never hit for a high average, but he will hit you 25 home runs and drive in 85 to 95 runs, especially with the departure of Robinson Cano. I expect Teixeira to fall later than expected in drafts which means his value increases even more. Someone will be rewarded for drafting him, it might as well be you.

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Jacoby Ellsbury Is A Well Balanced Pick

Jacoby Ellsbury Will Provide A Balanced Pick
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Jacoby Ellsbury is one of the players I look forward to following the most in 2014. Following in the footsteps of Johnny Damon and Roger Clemens, Ellsbury is making the leap from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. It takes a certain personality to handle such an endeavor, but on a team like the Yankees where he can blend in with the other stars I believe he will have a great season; making him an excellent fantasy option.

Ellsbury can beat opposing pitchers in a myriad of ways. In 2011 he hit 32 home runs but we have not seen over nine since. Expect that to change in Yankee Stadium, as he will not lead off in all likelihood. Saying that he will steal 50 bases again is probably risky, but I just did. Do not be afraid to take him earlier than his average draft position trends.

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David Wright Is Primed For A Great Season

David Wright Is A Sure Thing For A Great Season
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David Wright is no longer the only multi-millionaire on the Mets, and all is right with the world. The Mets finally spent some money this offseason, and Wright will no longer have to stand out like a Land Rover in a parking lot full of Hyundai Excels.

It is no secret that the Citi-Field dimensions have played a part in Wright's power-outage over the last few seasons, but with some added protection in the lineup of Curtis Granderson, he should see more pitches to hit than he has. He is a smart base-runner who will steal 20 bags, hit .300 with 25 home runs and 95 runs batted in. Make him a top five third-base option in your draft.

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