2014 Fantasy Baseball Advice: Don't Be Afraid to Draft Rookies

By Bill Pivetz
Jose Fernandez
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, fantasy baseball owners are stuck with the daunting task of drafting the perfect team that can win a championship. They take a chance on players coming back from a season-ending injury or an older veteran who’s proved themselves. However, what about the rookies with little to no experience at the major league level?

If you are one of those owners who pass up on rookies, then there were many household names that you missed out on.

Jose FernandezYasiel PuigShelby MillerJulio TeheranTony CingraniChris Archer, Evan Gattis and Michael Wacha were some of the players were not eligible for your roster because they didn’t have a long track list of playing time. It’s safe to say that most of last year’s rookies are in the top-20 in their respective positions.

Entering the 2014 season, the depth of rookies may be greater than the previous year. There are some rookies currently on major league rosters, like Jurickson Profar and Masahiro Tanaka, worth drafting because they are guaranteed starters.

On the flip side, there are prospects in the minors waiting for a call-up. Oscar Taveras and Jonathan Singleton are two rookies owners are eyeing in the later rounds and will be in the big leagues eventually.

While I don’t recommend drafting too many rookies, why not take a risk on one or two rookies? They will clearly out-perform their draft value. Once your starting lineup is taken care of, use your 16th or 21st round pick on someone with a long career head of them.

Rookies are not players to be afraid of in the draft. They are to be embraced and welcomed thanks to their untapped potential.

Bill Pivetz is a fantasy sports writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @Mr_Piv1127.

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