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Fantasy Baseball 2014: 5 Best Mid-Round Position Players

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Fantasy Baseball 2014: Five Best Mid-Round Position Players

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Those who play fantasy baseball know how important it is to have done as much grueling preseason research and analysis as possible to ensure no player trend or plot twist goes unturned. Fantasy sports are fairly simple and when it comes down to it, those who have the most knowledge and do their homework usually win or finish near the top of every league.

MLB's Spring Training is finally upon us, and while the players are gearing up for at least eight months of ball, us fantasy fanatics have begun the process of analyzing our draft boards in the search for those few picks that could make or break a draft. While most everyone who follows the game knows who to take at the top of a draft, identifying the top-tier mid-round players does require some skill. While the casual player might simply pick a name he or she is familiar with, the shark waits to capitalize on others' mistakes by picking out some great options that others passed on.

Typically, rounds 10 through 15 of a fantasy baseball draft can be the biggest difference-maker. These players are usually still very good, and there is often a mixture of some recognizable, and some less popular names that can really help your team reach your championship aspirations.

Identified in the following list are the five best position players I could find that are currently trending as post-ninth round picks, according to the ADP across many sites. These players, in my opinion, have the most upside due to their positions and draft positions. If you have reached round 10 and any of them are still available -- particularly at the catcher's position -- you must draft them.

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5. Salvador Perez

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Many fantasy baseball players will miss out on Perez because they are unfamiliar with the Royals. He has a career .301 average in 253 games since 2011. Scouts and analysts maintain that he could become the second-best catcher in the game after Buster Posey within the next few years.

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4. Yadier Molina

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Unless someone reached in the earlier rounds, it's likely that Yadier Molina will be there for the taking in the mid-rounds. Take the plunge -- you'll be making a savvy move.

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3. Martin Prado

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Perhaps a top-five candidate for most versatile player in fantasy baseball, Martin Prado's value is not only through his statistics, but the fact that he is eligible to play in the 2B, 3B and OF spots -- making him a borderline must-draft.

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2. Domonic Brown

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Domonic Brown's emergence was one of the few silver linings for the Phillies in 2013. While he has yet to show he can be consistent in the majors, his 27 HRs last season were not an anomaly. He should hit 30 in 2014.

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1. Mike Napoli

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Although he is no longer available as a catcher, Mike Napoli still holds tremendous value, especially in the 10th round or later. He had a total of 63 XBH in 2013, of which 23 were HRs. Most importantly, reports indicate the lingering hip injury he dealt with last season has healed, and he should start the season completely healthy.