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Fantasy Football: 5 Things To Watch In 2014 NFL Draft

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2014 NFL Draft: What Fantasy Players Need To Watch

2014 NFL Draft Fantasy Football
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Some people may think that the fantasy football season ends in Week 16, but the fact is that it never really ends.

Roger Goodell is trying to make the NFL relevant throughout the entire year, and he is currently doing a pretty good job at it. After the Super Bowl, the NFL Combine, Pro Day workouts, the 2014 NFL Draft, training camps and the preseason will fill the void until the start of the regular season.

Inexperienced fantasy players may not see the importance of keeping up with NFL until training camps start, but veteran fantasy players are successful because they are constantly following the daily happenings in the league. From free agent signings to players getting arrested, the NFL is filled with constant information that will affect the upcoming fantasy season.

While every single player in the draft will not make a fantasy impact, it is important to learn about the new additions to every team. The signing of a new stud linebacker could create the necessary conditions for a team to be a top-five scoring fantasy defense. A veteran quarterback could also find a new favorite target in a rookie player, much like Philip Rivers did with Keenan Allen in 2013.

When you understand the needs of a team, you can understand how that will relate to fantasy success of star players. If Jimmy Graham left the New Orleans Saints, what would happen to the fantasy season of Drew Brees? Would the replacement of Michael Oher benefit or harm Joe Flacco? These are the types of scenarios that fantasy players need to be constantly vigilant of.

Although it may seem like it is too far away, the 2014 fantasy football season is right around the corner. Here are five things that fantasy football players need to watch for in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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5. Will Ryan Tannehill Finally Have Protection?

Ryan Tannehill Protection
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Ryan Tannehill was sacked 58 times in 2013, and the Miami Dolphins need to find someone to protect the signal caller. Tannehill is known for being an athletic player, and with the right protection, he could be able to finish the 2014 season as a top-10 fantasy quarterback. He doubled his touchdown production from 2012 to 2013, so pay close attention to the draft to see if the Dolphins will find some tackles to help Tannehill.

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4. Will The New England Patriots Draft A Tight End?

New England Patriots 2014 NFL Draft
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Any tight end who is drafted by the New England Patriots has a chance to become a fantasy stud. It is hard to rely on Rob Gronkowski to finish a season, and a rookie tight end would get the chance to immediately fill in for Gronk.

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3. Will The Jets Draft A Tight End Or Wide Receiver?

Jets 2014 NFL Draft
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Geno Smith made Stedman Bailey look like a premiere player with 25 touchdowns in 2012, and Smith is still looking for his go-to guy on the New York Jets. If the Jets draft a tight end or wide receiver in the first round of the draft, look for that player to instantly become Smith's favorite target.

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2. Which Team Will Draft Sammy Watkins?

Sammy Watkins 2014 NFL Draft
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Arguably the best wide receiver in the draft, Sammy Watkins can quickly insert himself into any offense. With 1,464 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns in 2013, Watkins can finish his rookie year in the NFL as a top-15 fantasy football wide receiver.

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1. Which Team Will Draft Johnny Manziel?

Johnny Manziel 2014 NFL Draft
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Defenses have a hard time adjusting to dual-threat quarterbacks, and Johnny Manziel should take the fantasy world by storm in his first season. The best fit for Manziel appears to be the Houston Texans, but he is talented enough to make an impact on any team.