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Fantasy Football: 5 QB Sleepers in 2014

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QB Sleepers For 2014

2014 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers
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If you are unable to draft Peyton Manning or Drew Brees, every fantasy football player loves to find a quarterback sleeper that they can draft in the late rounds or find on the waiver wire.

For an underrated quarterback to become a success in fantasy football, the setting and circumstances have to be just right. If a quarterback under performs or becomes injured, it sets the stage for a potential fantasy football gold mine.

After Alex Smith was injured, Colin Kaepernick was able to take advantage of the opportunity he was given. From Week 10 to Week 16, Kaepernick scored 18 or more fantasy points in five games. His ground game really added to his value as he rushed for a season total of 415 yards and scored five rushing touchdowns. Kaepernick was also able to pass for 1,814 yards and threw 10 touchdown passes. I remember missing out on the championship game in 2012 because I started Josh Freeman over Kaepernick.

Another quarterback who took advantage of his circumstances in 2013 was Nick Foles. He scored 18 or more fantasy points in eight games, but some fantasy owners never fully trusted or bought into Foles. It was their loss. Even with not being able to complete a full season, Foles still finished the year as a top-20 scoring fantasy football quarterback. He got it done in the air with 27 touchdown passes and 2,891 passing yards, and he was also able to score three rushing touchdowns and ran for 225 yards.

Again, the right circumstances have to be in place for quarterback to become fantasy relevant. Sometimes a quarterback just needs new offensive weapons to be successful, a change of scenery, or an injury to a starter to make his way into your lineup. The best part about owning a quarterback who comes out of nowhere is the ability to trade him. If you owned Manning and Foles in 2013, you could have worked some nice trades.

Chances are there will be at least one quarterback under the radar who can finish as a top-10 fantasy quarterback, and you need to know who they are.

Here are five quarterback sleepers in 2014.

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5. Brian Hoyer

Brian Hoyer Fantasy Football
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Brian Hoyer appeared to be off to a decent start in 2013 with scoring 18 fantasy points in two straight games, but he was only able to finish those two games because of an ACL injury. With Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and a potential rookie running back stud, Hoyer would have the weapons at his disposal for a great season. As a backup to Tom Brady for several seasons, Hoyer has the knowledge and ability to become a top-10 quarterback.

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4. Ryan Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill Fantasy Football
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The most intriguing thing about Ryan Tannehill is his athleticism. He played several seasons in college as a wide receiver before switching to quarterback, so he has a great understanding of both positions. If he can find some new protection, Tannehill could easily become a top-10 quarterback.

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3. Josh McCown

Josh McCown Fantasy Football
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It is unlikely that Josh McCown will sign with the Chicago Bears, and the veteran could continue his strong 2013 campaign with any number of teams. With 13 touchdowns and only one interception this past season, McCown has the ability to be a reliable fantasy option.

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2. E.J. Manuel

E.J. Manuel Fantasy Football
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The injuries to E.J. Manuel prevented him from making a name for himself his rookie season. Even with the limited amount of game action, Manuel remained fairly consistent when he was able to finish a full a game. Look for a successful sophomore season from this quarterback.

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1. Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford Fantasy Football
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Sam Bradford was off to his best season of his career before a knee injury sidelined him for most of the 2013 season. With 1,687 passing yards and 14 touchdown passes in seven games, Bradford may sneak in as a top-10 quarterback in 2014.