Fantasy Football: Predicting WR DeSean Jackson's Fantasy Production Against the NFC East

By Jack Delaney
DeSean Jackson Fantasy Football
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Even though there are various reports about how close DeSean Jackson is to signing with the Washington Redskins, it does appear that the wide receiver may have a new contract before the day is done.

As every NFL fan knows, Jackson was released from the Philadelphia Eagles because of reported bad work habits, becoming a distraction to younger players and possible affiliations with gang members. What you will find out about the NFL is that even if a player has some baggage, the ability to perform can trump most negative perceptions. The 27-year-old Jackson had a career year in 2013, and teams are still lining up at the door to sign this playmaker.

In a recent article, I discussed how the former wide receiver for the Eagles would fit in with the Redskins, and I also looked into what type of season Jackson could have under Jay Gruden. The fantasy football community will get a better understanding of the type of rapport that Robert Griffin III and his potentially new offensive weapon will have in training camp, but I wanted to evaluate the competition Jackson would face in the NFC East and how it would impact his performance.

Even though it is an important aspect of drafting a player in fantasy football, few fantasy owners look at the teams that their player will face within his own division. The Redskins faced the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and the Eagles twice in 2013, so that is almost half of the regular fantasy football season for most players.

The statistics show that Jackson could have at least four monster games in 2014. Last season, the Eagles ranked 32nd against the pass and the Cowboys ranked 30th. If your fantasy league plays 13 games before your playoffs start, that means that 30 percent of Jackson’s points will come from four games against two of the worst ranked pass defenses in the NFL from 2013. The Giants surprisingly ranked 10th against the pass, so Jackson may have a harder time finding fantasy production when facing New York.

Teams and defenses change from year to year, but it would be almost impossible for the Eagles or Cowboys to become a top-10 defense against the pass next season. Jackson will also want to completely embarrass the Eagles for releasing him, so he is set up for some huge games if he signs with the Redskins.

While there are many factors that will determine the success of Jackson, the wide receiver should absolutely provide fantasy football owners with a scoring frenzy in the NFC East.

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