Johnny Manziel Set to Visit New England Patriots: Should Fantasy Football Players Freak Out?

By Jack Delaney
Johnny Manziel Fantasy Football
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There have been several teams interested in acquiring the talent of Johnny Manziel in the 2014 NFL Draftbut Johnny Football now reportedly has a visit scheduled with the New England Patriots.

While it is unlikely that Manziel would fall to the 29th-draft pick for the Patriots, anything is possible. Manziel had a great buzz from his Pro Day, but if any type of new character issues are revealed, he could end up being available in the second round. The Patriots have already met with quarterback Blake Bortles, however, so these visits should not send anyone into shock.

There are a minimum of five teams that have been predicted to draft a quarterback in the first round, so it is highly unlikely that Manziel would not be picked by either the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns or Tennessee Titans. This news, however, can be disturbing for fantasy football players who are already developing their drafting strategy for the 2014 season.

While many teams in the draft have suffered through quarterback droughts in the past few seasons, the Patriots have been fortunate to have an elite quarterback calling the plays. Manziel would not be able to go into New England and just steal Tom Brady‘s starting job, but the Patriots need to look into replacing the 36-year-old quarterback at some point.

If Brady were to be injured, though, Manziel would be thrust into a shaky offense. The young quarterback would have talent surrounding him, but injuries and a lack of rapport caused Brady to go into tirades on the sidelines during the 2013 season. With such a prominent quarterback overshadowing Manziel, the young signal caller would struggle to live up to expectations.

Manziel is a promising fantasy option for several teams because he will not have any competition for the starting quarterback job. With the New England Patriots, only special circumstances would ever allow Manziel to immediately start.

Again, this meeting is not likely to lead to anything, but anything can happen in the NFL. Believe it or not, you want to avoid the young quarterback in your fantasy football league if he signs with the Patriots. You can’t score points if you don’t play, and it would be years before Manziel would replace Brady.

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