Fantasy Football 2014 Scouting Report: Terrance West

By Adam Pfeifer
Terrance West
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Going … through … football … withdrawal.

Luckily, the 2014 NFL Draft is less than a month away, and dynasty owners are giddy thinking about the new crop of players at their disposal. Everyone likes the shiny new toy, and come May 1oth, we will finally have an idea of where these toys will be residing. And while some toys are a lot shinier than others (looking at you, DeAndre Hopkins), there are still plenty of gems in the later rounds of the draft that could be very intriguing in fantasy leagues.

Terrance West out of Towson University fits that bill.

The average football fan probably isn’t aware of the running back set to enter May’s draft, but to the fantasy football degenerate, as well as diehard football fans, West is quickly becoming a household name. West spent three seasons in the Towson backfield, and posted some strong numbers, making a name for himself.




Total TD

2011 1,294 6.7 29
2012 1,051 5.4 14
2013 2,059 6.1 41


Pretty impressive numbers, no? Of course, making the NFL is about more than just numbers (though it sure helps). You have to look the part, especially at a running back position that continues to see a decline in market value. Still, West has certainly caught my eye, or else, why the heck would I be writing about him? I think he can serve as a very intriguing fantasy asset, at least in dynasty circles for the time being. Let’s take a look at some of the things he brings to the table.

Combine Numbers (via





5’9” 225 lbs 4.54 33.5”



– Strong lateral quickness. Allows himself to find more running room.

– Strong, drives through defenders, often pushes churns legs for extra yards.

– Very nimble for a larger back. Shows decent elusiveness, vision.

– Decent pass-catcher.

– Good pass protector, blocker.

– Can handle heavy workload, showcased durability.

Check out West here, absolutely laying the lumber on a defensive lineman. He would finish the block, cut across the middle and make about a five-yard reception:

terrance west



– Lacks explosiveness and breakaway speed. Won’t separate from defenders with blazing speed.

– Moves East/West too more often than North/South, which is concerning for a bigger back.

– Brought down from behind in open field too often.

– Needs to run with more violence for his size. Dances a bit in the backfield. Ask Trent Richardson how that’s working out.

– Sometimes sloppy with ball security.

Terrance West


West misses a pretty inviting hole here, bounces it outside and gains a gain of about four. You’d like to see a bigger, prototypical back explode and lower his shoulder through this running lane.

When I watch West, I see a mixture of Zac Stacy and Joique Bell. I’m sure we are all aware of how high I was on Stacy entering last year, so West will certainly be someone I’ll be keeping a close eye on during the draft, training camp and preseason. He’s looking like a third or fourth round draft pick right now, making it hard for him to have immediate fantasy value, but dynasty owners need not forget about this guy.

Adam Pfeifer is a featured fantasy sports columnist for Rant Sports. You can follow him on Twitter @aPfeiferRS.

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