Fantasy Football: Christine Michael 2014 Player Outlook

By Meng Song
Christine Michael Seattle Seahawks
Getty Images

Christine Michael is currently the third-string RB for the Seattle Seahawks, and is behind Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin on the depth chart. So, why am I writing an article about him in April?

Quite simply put, I love this guy. Michael didn’t put up amazing stats during his time at Texas A&M, and he’s only played in four games since the Seahawks drafted him in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft. But if you play in a dynasty league or in a deeper format, you probably already know about him, or at least you should.

If you watch Michael run, he’s got great burst and lateral quickness. At 221 pounds, Michael has the bulk to break through defenders, but he also has amazing speed for a guy his size, running a 4.54 40. Plus, Seattle loves the power run game and running near the goal line. The only problem is his lack of playing time.

Lynch has been a powerhouse for the Seahawks’ offense, and he has two more years on his contract. Whether or not the Seahawks will cut him in 2015 is yet to be seen, but he’s still the clear lead back for 2014. If Lynch goes down with an injury though, that’s when it gets interesting. Turbin may currently be ahead of Michael on the depth chart, but I don’t think it would stay that way.

Michael is far more talented a runner, and the Seahawks are still good enough to be a repeat Super Bowl contender. I think that head coach Pete Carroll would use both guys, but he would quickly see more success with Michael as his main RB.

So, here’s the outlook for this upcoming season. If Lynch stays healthy all year, then Michael would get a few carries here and there, maybe getting 200 yards and one TD. If Lynch goes down in the first half of the season though, Michael could easily rack up at least 600 yards and six TDs.

At the end of the day, as talented as he is, Michael isn’t worth drafting in most redraft leagues except as a late-round flier. Nobody is saying that he should be your RB2. If you were looking for a lottery ticket RB late in the draft, I would take him in a heartbeat. Oh, and of course, if you draft Lynch in the first round, you better handcuff him with Michael. Trust me, you will want him over Turbin.

One last thing — his name is pronounced “Kristin” and not “Christine.” If Michael does assume the starting role at some point in 2014, you can make fun of league mates who mispronounce his name as they moan about him crushing their teams when they face you.

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