2014 Fantasy Football Profile: QB Tony Romo

By Sean Cordy
Tony Romo
Andrew Weber – USA TODAY Sports

Tony Romo, the quarterback (it seems) everyone loves to hate — from Dallas Cowboys fans to the NFL fan that is still mad at him for dating Jessica Simpson. Love him or hate him though, you have to love his fantasy prospects. He may not be the most successful player in the game in terms of wins and losses, but he sure can light up the scoreboard for fantasy GMs.


Scott Linehan is the new offensive coordinator, which means that Romo’s attempts, as well as deep passing game, should increase from its already insane proportions. Expect about 700 attempts from him this season, and to produce similar numbers to Matthew Stafford‘s 2011 season under Linehan.

The offensive line has been a bit shoddy over the last few years, but Romo should have ample pocket time now with a young, yet experienced offensive line. They’ve been thrown to the fire in seasons past, but that has only battle tested them, and they’re more than capable now.

As with his offensive line, his receiving corps is still young, yet seasoned enough to be ahead of the curve. Dez Bryant is a top-tier wideout, and Terrance Williams is ready to emerge as a great, down-field target after his rookie season. And of course, the every reliable veteran of the group, Jason Witten, provides great support for the QB when he’s in trouble.

His disappointment in games due to a collapsing defense. Expect a lot of passing in an effort to come back in games this season; his experience with this also deters owners because of the bad rep its caused him, but in reality, it’s bolstered his fantasy value.


The NFC West. A fourth of his games come against the ferocious defenses of the NFC West, which includes a trip to defending Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, as well as at the blossoming St. Louis Rams home turf. Those will be games to avoid starting him.

Just as much as it is a blessing, the extra attempts Linehan will give him also come at the cost of turnovers, fatigue and defenses being more focused on pass defense.

Coming off of back surgery is a slight concern — if he’s healthy enough to play 100 percent of his typical self and if he’s prone to re-injure it.

Final Verdict:

Even with the negatives, you have to love his potential this year to see a record amount of attempts. That amount of attempts assuredly gives him an advantage over most everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see near 5,000 yards, as well as 35 TDs, this year. He’ll definitely be a top five QB this year.

Bye Week: 11

Projected Round: 8

Auction Value: $11 (ESPN.com)

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