2014 Fantasy Football: New York Jets' Offense Can Be Productive

By Sean Cordy
NFL: New York Jets-Minicamp
Aaron K. Murray – USA TODAY Sports

For the past few seasons, the New York Jets have been lackluster on the offensive side of the ball. That has translated to poor fantasy production across the board. The defense hasn’t been the dominant force it was mere seasons ago because of the offense staying on the field for shorter amounts of time, and of course the offense hadn’t been producing enough to be self sustainable.

The organization has noticed this and tried to fix things over the last few seasons, and they may have finally cracked the code. They’ve added WR Eric Decker, RB Chris Johnson, a potential star in TE Jace Amaro and QB Michael Vick. On paper, this all seems like a recipe for success. The fear was that taking successful pieces out of their element wouldn’t fare well. But after last night’s preseason matchup against the Indianapolis Colts, things seem to be going just as planned.

Of course, it’s only preseason, but they seemed to be able to move the ball efficiently with the entire depth chart. But it’s clear that Vick’s veteran experience is lending to the entire team’s success. As long as he’s in, I’d expect good production from the Jets.

They only scored one touchdown on a Johnson run, and that came off an 80-yard drive led by Vick. But that doesn’t have me concerned about just one TD. That was Vick’s sole drive, and I think we can expect production like that throughout the season.

Though the stat line doesn’t look good for Decker and Johnson — accounting for a mere seven fantasy points — both have proven themselves in seasons past on non-effective offenses and as incredible while on effective teams. They’ll be fine no matter what, and should Vick be the starter over Geno Smith, we can expect Top-15 positional performances from them respectively.

Can the same be said of Vick? I don’t think so entirely. He’ll fall more into the game manager position and the rest of the team will be dependent on his health status. If he goes down, the whole offense will follow suit. But hopefully their rising defense can help their offense get on the field a little more often this season either way.

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