2014 Fantasy Football: Christine Michael Provides Good Insurance

By Sean Cordy
Christine Michael
Getty Images

Though he wasn’t too effective last night in the Super Bowl rematch, the Seattle Seahawks  RB Christine Michael showed that his team trusts him. Besides talent, that might be the most important thing for a fantasy football prospect.

He averaged just over two yards per carry, but he carried the ball seven times. That’s quite a high number for a preseason game. In those carries, he totaled 16 yards and punched it in the end zone. I criticized Ronnie Hillman for similar figures, but the fact that Seattle was so trusting of their second-string back makes me believe he’ll see more opportunity to get those valuable touchdowns.

Along with his rising attempts, he also saw three receptions – good for 10 touches total. Did he make use of those touches? Not to the fullest, but he did achieve about eight fantasy points in his quarter or so of action.

But of course, Marshawn Lynch will be the head of the running operation and will be taking many carries away from Michael’s potential carries. Lynch has posted over 900 carries in the last three seasons and that head definitely put considerable health concerns on the star running back.

With the organization knowing just how valuablw Lynch is, they may lean off his shoulders and give way to a more well-balanced Michael that is an effective pass catcher.

I’d expect Michael to see similar production throughout the regular season (roughly a quarter of a game). That means he’d be right in the neighborhood of 120 points – a viable RB or flex option.

But you’re not just getting that expected production of you stay him at his projected 14th round selection. You’re also getting the insurance he provides for his franchise.

If Lynch indeed does get injured as he seems due for after so much work, Michael is next in line and could provide a good fraction of Lynch’s production. I’d expect about 12 points a game in that case.

He may not produce near that total, but he’s a pick that I really trust, and the Seahawks seem to as well.

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