2014 Fantasy Football: Don't Trust Denver Broncos RBs

By Sean Cordy
Ronnie Hillman
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

RB Montee Ball is out temporarily with an appendectomy, which made room for other  Denver Broncos running backs to flaunt their stuff in their preseason rematch with the  Seattle Seahawks. Sadly, none were able to shine in their limited playing time last night.

Of all the backs, I would have expected the biggest impact from was Ronnie Hillman. He thinks he can be a starter, yet. But I never saw that from him last season when he accrued under 400 yards and a single TD  on 100 carries. Last night, he only saw five carries last night for 15 yards.

And you really can’t judge CJ Anderson quite yet, as he had a lone carry for 5 yards. But that should only show how he hasn’t impressed enough in practice to be a prominent role player as I had previously assumed this year.

There’s still plenty to read into during the preseason, though.  So maybe we can give the benefit of the doubt for them. But even if they become more efficient, their production will likely be small because of the even more limited opportunity that they’ll have when Ball returns.

Ball should be a back that receives about 20 carries a game and the scraps will fall mostly to Hillman, as it seems so far.  That means there’s very little to go around for the rest of the pass-first offense.

Maybe it’s a little too soon to stay clear of the Broncos backfield behind Ball because of it being the first game (against the best run defense nonetheless). But you’d like to see more trust and reliability from them (especially against backups), and they didn’t deliver that last night.

Ball is the only back worth using a roster slot for as of right now.

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