2014 Fantasy Football: TE Dwayne Allen May Struggle

By Sean Cordy
Thomas Campbell- USA TODAY Sports
Thomas Campbell- USA TODAY Sports

Though it seems contrary, I’m not sure that the Indianapolis Colts will be the fantasy juggernaut that many people are pegging them to be this season. Aside from QB Andrew Luck, none of their players will be top positional options. There’s just too many mouths to feed that will make for limited value.

Among those players that will be affected is TE Dwayne Allen. After scoring a touchdown in his first game last season, it appeared he could be on the fast track to a benchmark season. But mere plays later, he went down with an injury, missing the rest of the season. It was that high note that has some people jumping to conclude he’ll jump right back into the system and flourish, but there’s been some change since then.

The Colts added the likes of RB Trent Richardson to handle more of the workload in the running attack, as well as adding WR Hakeem Nicks to bolster the already-dynamic passing corps. Though he was playing while Allen was still in, WR Reggie Wayne will also affect Allen because of Wayne coming off an injury, leaving us unsure of his status as a prime target again.

Sure, TE Coby Fleener stepped up in Allen’s absence, snagging over 50 catches and 600 yards, but he was playing at a time when the Colts didn’t have their current arsenal. Fleener was Luck’s muse last season, but you can’t say with any certainty that Allen can follow suit.

Because Luck has only been in the league for two seasons, we can’t necessarily say that his attempts will go down, but he did attempt 50 fewer passes last season than he had in his rookie season. That leads me to assume he may only hover around 590 attempts this season, a slight increase, which means there’s still fewer targets to go around for all involved.

Maybe Allen will be a touchdown hog, being Luck’s red zone muse and potential top 10 positional player, but you can say that about any of the Colts main players this season. The problem is, there’s not one definitive “go-to” guy yet. We’ll find out as the season progresses, but by then, it’ll be too late.

Your best chance is to only draft Luck from the Colts, and let the rest of your league struggle with not knowing how any other Colts player will turn out.

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