2014 Fantasy Football Strategy: Wait On Drafting a Second Running Back

By Bill Pivetz
Pierre Thomas
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Crafting the perfect fantasy team is all about strategy. There will be a big difference in teams from the first pick to the 10th pick. Regardless, the NFL has quickly changed to a passing game. Quarterbacks and wide receivers have a lot more value while most running backs lost fantasy value. As a result, you can wait a few more rounds before selecting your second running back.

In the first round, with picks one through six, a running back will be taken. In the second half, Peyton ManningJimmy Graham and Calvin Johnson will be drafted. If you take a non-running back, you can still get a top-10 running back, like Arian Foster, early in the second round.

Let’s say you took Jamaal Charles with the second overall pick in a 10-team league, you won’t pick again until picks 19 and 22. With those picks, you can select two top-10 wide receivers like Julio JonesDez BryantBrandon MarshallJordy NelsonDemaryius Thomas or A.J. Green. Having two of these wide receivers will all but solidify your receiving corps.

The fourth round is where you can get tripped up. Staying with the strategy behind the No. 2 pick, you will have the 32nd pick. Players being drafted around that spot are Larry FitzgeraldAndre Johnson and Randall Cobb, three PPR favorites.

In Round 5 is when you should draft your second running back. Undervalued rushers like Pierre ThomasAndre Ellington and C.J. Spiller should still be available by the time your pick comes. After five rounds, your team will look like Charles, Green, Nelson, Johnson and Thomas. I would be proud to have a team like that.

Second-tier running backs to not have nearly the same value as the top-tier running backs do in the first round. If you can wait and turn your attention to the wide receivers, it will pay off in the end.

Bill Pivetz is a fantasy sports writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BPiv_Sports and ask him any fantasy question.

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