2014 Fantasy Football Sleeper Candidate: Marqise Lee Brings High Value

By Luis Tirado Jr.
marqise lee
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Wide receiver Marqise Lee might be one those best kept secrets this season because he wasn’t really heralded as a top athlete for his position at the draft. Lee is an incredibly talented receiver who might actually have a better season than those that got drafted way ahead of him. Even though he’s on a Jacksonville Jaguars team that might not win a ton of football games, he is projected to be one of the best contributors on offense this year due to his speed and ability to make big plays. His fantasy football stock value continues to increase on a daily basis.

It would be in the best interests of many to make sure to draft Lee onto their fantasy football team because he has a ton of upside considering the fact that he will be a cornerstone on the Jaguars’ offense. They primarily pass the football  about 70 percent of the time on offense, which means a ton of passes will be thrown in his direction. With his ability to receive pretty much anything thrown his way, expect to see him beat out defenders consistently into the end zone.

Keep in mind that at USC, Lee was actually a better overall receiver than players like Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins. He made more impressive plays, put up more consistent numbers and most of all, was a true difference maker in every single game he played in. Even though he was deemed to possibly be injury prone, which could hinder his transition into the NFL, Lee has been incredible at both training camps and preseason football. He’s been catching everything thrown his way and making incredible plays as soon as the football is in his hands.

The Jaguars haven’t had a true receiving threat in quite some time and will be looking to make Lee their top target this upcoming season. Due to this, his fantasy football value is incredibly high considering just how much work he will be putting into every game day. It’s expected he will also be named a starter right before the regular season starts, which means those who have already drafted him into their fantasy football team will reap the benefits of a consistent amount of fantasy points.

With a huge opportunity waiting for him on the Jaguars to truly make a name for himself and become the next true offensive threat in the league, Lee is off to do some great things this season. If he can bring the great success he had in college football to the professional football level, there is no telling just how valuable he will be for fantasy football owners everywhere.

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