Owners Are Crazy For Drafting Tim Tebow in 2014 Fantasy Football Leagues

By Vinny Lanni
tim tebow broncos
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If you’re looking for someone on the bench to rally the troops when times are tough, Tim Tebow is your guy. Whether it be real life or fantasy, Tebow is a great guy to have in the locker room to motivate the other players if you’re down seven on the scoreboard against the Pittsburgh Steelers or seven fantasy points against your best friend.

It is being said that Tebow is still owned in about one percent of ESPN fantasy leagues for this upcoming season, and with the recent display of Tebow love there is only one question to ask: Why?

Sure, Tebow is a nice guy and he does things the right way, but if he can’t make it on an NFL roster then why in the world is he owned ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback Chad Henne? Maybe, like I mentioned, it has something to do with the team morale on your fantasy roster.

I mean, if you happen to draft Tony Romo and Victor Cruz on the same team, there is sure to be some tension between players due to the rivalry and hate those two have for each other. Maybe Tebow is the only guy and good luck charm to help settle the differences between them and help your fantasy squad win week after week.

In all seriousness, it’s just crazy-talk to have Tebow take up a roster spot on the bench. Everyone on your team is an important piece to a fantasy championship all the way down to the final bench spot. Those deep roster spots should belong to players with high-upside and the ability to help out your team down the line. Should Tebow be taken in a 14-man league? No. How about 16? Still no.

If your love for Tebow runs deep, then maybe I would suggest naming your team after him. But to have him on your roster is just insane.

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