Top NFL Plays for Wild Card Weekend

By Will Colello

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Aaron Rodgers $19,550

This game between the Giants and Packers  will be a fun one to watch, and there should be a lot of scoring. I will be targeting the passing game in a huge way, and you will see that here. Rodgers is just the most solid guy you can target. He is going to get you 300 yards, and at least 2 TD’s. The Giants have a decent passing defense, but Rodgers will be able to attack them in the few holes they have. I will have a bunch of different game stack combos of this one, and Rodgers will be my main cash game QB. He has a floor around 25 fantasy points, with a ceiling of 45. He is pretty expensive, but you should be able to fit him in.

Eli Manning $14,350

I know it’s tough to trust Eli, but I think you have to this week. The Packers have been really bad against the pass, and especially on the right side. Beckham will line up there, and cause a huge problem for this defense. Manning is a lot cheaper, and will let you pay up at most spots. I think his floor is definitely lower than Rodgers, but he also has a pretty good chance of hitting that 30 mark. This looks like it will be a high scoring, and I want to be all over the passing game. If you want to get away from this game, you can look at Russell Wilson in tournaments.

Running Back

Le’Veon Bell $24,250

Le’Veon Bell is the one guy I will make sure is in my lineup this weekend. He is going to have a huge performance, and we all know it. The only question is the price. I have been able to fit in both Beckham and Bell with no problem, so I feel no need to fade. There are no other great RB options, so I don’t even think there is a viable tournament swerve. Even if Bell has a “bad” game, he will outscore anyone else. You can target him everywhere, and I will have him in 100% of lineups. I do expect him to be around 80% owned, but that just means 20% of people are out of contention.

Lamar Miller $12,050

Lamar Miller has been injury riddled over the past 8 weeks, and should be able to finally be healthy this week. The Raiders are not a good defense, and now that Carr is hurt, they will be on the field more. Miller is someone who can hurt you through the air and ground, which makes his upside huge. We have seen big games out of Miller earlier in the year, and he will be as healthy as he has been all year.  He definitely has a low floor, but so does everyone else. Miller probably has the highest upside, and comes in at a fair price.

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Wide Receiver

Odell Beckham Jr. $17,050

Beckham is the other guy I have 100% exposure to. He is going to catch a TD, and get at least 80 yards. The Packers have given up a 141 passer rating to the right side of the hash marks. That is where Beckham will lineup most, and they will get slaughtered. The Giants are going to force him the ball, and I expect him to get around 8 to 10 targets. Beckham has over 19 points in 7 of his last 8 games, and missed one by less than 2 points. He is as safe as they get, but unlike Bell, you can swerve in tournaments. Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson both have upside, and I would consider pivoting to them in tourneys.

Davante Adams $9,650

Davante Adams is my favorite WR to pair with Rodgers this week. Rodgers targets Adams a ton in the redzone, and has been getting a ton of attention from him lately. He is sitting at 9.6k, which is way too cheap for a guy that is the 2nd target for the best QB on the week. You can definitely play Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb, but I would be careful with too much exposure. I think Adams scores at least 1 TD this week, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him surpass 100 receiving yards.

Tight End

Jimmy Graham $13,100

Jimmy Graham has definitely disappointed this season a lot of times, but you have to think Wilson will lean on him in the playoffs. His targets have been up and down, but the Lions aren’t great against the TE and he will likely be in the game plan. With that being said, he isn’t my favorite. He forces you to pay down at some spot, which I don’t know I’m comfortable with. I would rather pay down a little but, but that isn’t to say I won’t have Graham in some tournaments.

C.J. Fiedorowicz $6,500

C.J. is going to come in as my favorite TE on the week. I know it’s tough to trust Brock Osweiler, but you kind of have to think he will force the ball to his favorite tight end. He has 7 or more targets in 4 straight games, and will get at least 8 this week against the Raiders. The Raiders have been very average against TE’s, but have given up the 9th most TD’s. Osweiler will look for him in the redzone, and I think Fiedorowicz will come through.


Texans $7,400

With Derek Carr hurt, the Raiders do not look the same. I don’t think Cook can do too much here, and Texans defense should get at it. I think a turnover is a lock, and they have the best chance to get a defensive TD. They are the most expensive, which might actually keep some ownership off of them. In tournaments, you can also target the Seahawks or Steelers.

Get a Free Entry to a $1,500 DraftDay Contest using Bonus Code: RANT

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