Fantasy Football 32: Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning

  606. It is an area code serving the eastern region of Kentucky, a very large number that comes after 605, but most importantly, 606 is the number of points the Denver Broncos offense accumulated over the course of the […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Predicting Touchdown Leaders

Dez Bryant

  Everyone loves touchdowns. I mean, some fantasy formats gravitate towards rewarding points for only scoring touchdowns. And, of course, everyone loves scoring as many fantasy points as possible. Most fantasy owners tend to target guys who score the most […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Undervalued Running Backs

Alfred Morris

  “But he doesn’t catch passes.” I don’t care. Over the last two seasons, you’d be hard-pressed to name six or seven more productive running backs than Alfred Morris. The Butler has been serving fantasy owners nicely during his first […]

Fantasy Football 32: Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson

  Over the last four or five seasons, the Detroit Lions have served as one of the more fantasy friendly offenses in the NFL. A quarterback who throws the ball as much as anyone, the best wide receiver in football, and, […]

Fantasy Football 32: Cincinnati Bengals

Giovani Bernard

  Can the Cincinnati Bengals win a playoff game? Nope. Do fantasy owners care? Nope. The Bengals have pieces– pieces to make the playoffs, pieces to maybe even make the Super Bowl, but more importantly, pieces that are relevant in […]

Fantasy Football 32: Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders

  Umm … pass? When choosing fantasy juggernauts, the Oakland Raiders find themselves far from the top of the list. I would rather get a root canal. I would rather go through a week’s worth of sunburn. I would rather sit through […]

Fantasy Football 32: Jacksonville Jaguars

Toby Gerhart

  Draft Josh Scobee on your fantasy team. Want to hear the sad part of this? I’m not really joking. The Jacksonville Jaguars are probably the least fantasy-friendly roster in all of football, possessing one, maybe two players worthy of your […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Overvalued WRs On Draft Day

Percy Harvin

  We touched on the undervalued wideouts, so, it seems about right to look at the opposite end of the spectrum and highlight some overvalued pass-catchers, right? Right. The receiver position is very deep in fantasy this year, and because […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Undervalued WRs On Draft Day

Brandon Marshall

  It becomes so, so annoying when a player that you absolutely love isn’t receiving nearly enough love in fantasy circles. People aren’t talking about them as much, and as a result, their draft spots don’t match their pedigree. But […]

Fantasy Football 32: Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck

  The Andrew Luck era is off to quite the start. Two consecutive playoff berths, exciting victories and, maybe for a very brief second, Colts fans have forgotten about how incredible Peyton Manning had been for them. The Indianapolis Colts are […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Breaking Down The Handcuffs

Andre Williams

  Death, taxes and running backs getting hurt. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, guarantees in life. Every single year, fantasy owners find a handful of running backs on their waiver wire that are set to be thrust into […]

Fantasy Football 32: Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

  You know, one would have assumed I’d start with the Seattle Seahawks. The reigning Super Bowl champions have been one of the most talked about teams for fantasy purposes this offseason. A quarterback who continues to climb into the […]