Fantasy Football 32: New York Jets

Geno Smith

  It had to be done sooner or later, right? Wait, I don’t actually have to cover the Jets? Well, see you later. Okay, all kidding aside, the New York Jets are a professional football team, and thus, must be covered in the […]

Russell Wilson, Fantasy Football’s King Of Efficiency

Russell Wilson

  Volume is so, so much in fantasy football. We all love owning running backs who carry the ball 300 times, wide receivers that see close to 200 targets and, of course, quarterbacks who attempt 500-plus passes in a season. […]

Fantasy Football 32: San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick

  The hump is right in their grasp, but the San Francisco 49ers just can’t seem to get over it. Three straight NFC Championship visits, one of which ultimately led to a Super Bowl birth. They are so good each […]

Fantasy Football 32: New York Giants

Victor Cruz

  You can open your eyes now. It’s over. The New York Giants haven’t looked like that Super Bowl team for a while now, and 2013 was no exception. They turned the ball over at an alarming rate, en route to […]

Fantasy Basketball: How Much Better Can Chris Bosh Be In 2014?

Chris Bosh

  Well, a consolation prize is better than no prize at all, right? The Miami Heat were very heartbroken to see LeBron James return to Cleveland, but things definitely, definitely could have been worse. All signs were pointing towards Chris Bosh […]

Fantasy Football 32: Houston Texans

Arian Foster

  The Houston Texans started the season per usual, winning their first two games. A strong offense, top-notch defense, Houston looked to be well on their way to another AFC South title. Then they lost every game the rest of […]

Fantasy Football 2014: Stevan Ridley Is A Draft Day Value

Stevan Ridley

  We all hate getting burned. Of course, we are speaking figuratively, but I’m convinced that everyone would also hate getting burnt from a stove, oven, fire, whatever. Ouch. Fantasy owners know the feeling all too well, getting burned. I […]

2014 Fantasy Football Rankings: 15 Underrated Players

Pierre Thomas

Fantasy Football 32: Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill

  2013 was a rather ugly campaign for the Miami Dolphins. Aside from bulling one another, the offensive line was one of, if not, the worst in all of football, and as a result, the running game was a complete […]

Coming Home: Fantasy Impact Of LeBron James’ Return To Cleveland

LeBron James

  “I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home.” Those were the words of LeBron James. The words that so many Cleveland Cavaliers fans have wanted to hear for years now. The words that single-handedly altered the NBA as a […]

Fantasy Football 32: Atlanta Falcons

Julio Jones

  The 2013 campaign for the Atlanta Falcons was similar to that of the attack on Osgiliath on Lord of the Rings. No one could defend, everyone got hurt. All nerdy references aside, last season was a disaster for the Falcons. […]

Fantasy Basketball 2014: What To Expect From Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel

  Don’t drink someone else’s cold Powerade on a hot day. Just don’t. Stay with me here. You are so thirsty, but you don’t have you’re own drink. You sip, you sip, you sip. It’s delicious, but then you realize […]