2013 Fantasy Baseball: Draft James Shields

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Fantasy baseball is getting ready to start for a lot of people all over, and I focus this time on a pitcher who is with a new team in 2013 but will experience the same success he did before. That […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Do Not Draft Mike Napoli

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The 2013 fantasy baseball season is just around the corner and there are going to be players that shouldn’t be touched with a ten-foot pole in any league. One of those players in my opinion is Mike Napoli. Napoli has […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Victor Martinez Could Bring Dividend

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Last season, Victor Martinez was taken early in many fantasy baseball drafts. Martinez then tore his ACL and was useless to everyone who drafted him. He is back for 2013 and could be a solid sleeper candidate as he should […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Don’t Sleep On Andrew Luck

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Even though the 2012 National Football League is about over, there is always time to get ready for the 2013 season of fantasy football. There are always players to be paying attention to as sleeper picks for next season. If […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Buster Posey Is A First Round Pick

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The fantasy baseball season for 2013 is just around the corner, with many leagues getting ready to start up yet again. There are several different players who could find themselves in the first round of the draft and one of […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Watch Out For Michael Morse

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The trade of Michael Morse to the Seattle Mariners this week brings up a very good question for fantasy baseball owners. Where should Morse be picked in 2013 for their fantasy league? Morse is going to get his 450-500 at-bats […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Don’t Forget Frank Gore

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There is never an end to the fantasy football season as owners watch every postseason game looking for whom to draft in 2013. There are several running backs that will be high draft picks but there is one that could […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Matt Forte’s Value Depends On Coaching Choice

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Even though the 2012 National Football League season isn’t over yet, there are people looking ahead to 2013 and fantasy football. Matt Forte is a player whose value will be largely determined by who ends up coaching the Chicago Bears. […]

2013 Fantasy Hockey: Make Steven Stamkos Top Priority

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If you are someone who plays fantasy hockey, then this week is basically a sprint to the draft to have your team together before play gets underway on Saturday. There was a long time if you decided to make a […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Be Leery Of Adam Jones

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The 2013 fantasy baseball season is just around the corner and with that means deep preparation for whom to target for this season. There are going to be many outfielders that land in the middle rounds of the draft who […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Wes Welker Could Be Shaky Play

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If you are planning ahead for fantasy football in 2013, there should be one player who is heading for free agency that you should be paying very close attention to. That player would be Wes Welker, who could end up leaving […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Don’t Draft Alex Rodriguez

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There are going to be players that are major risks when fantasy baseball drafts get underway for 2013 and won’t get picked at all. I’m going to suggest one that may shock many people but I think is the right […]