2013 Fantasy Baseball: Jose Reyes Must Have Angered the Baseball Gods

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When Tom Hanks said in the movie A League of Their Own, “there’s no crying in baseball.” He obviously couldn’t have imagined the way the Toronto Blue Jays Jose Reyes would slide in to second base. I love to over analyze […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Three Players Who Will Be Gaining Second Base Eligibility

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If you are like me and got stuck without a second baseman late in your fantasy baseball draft, you probably ended up with someone like the Pittsburgh Pirates Neil Walker. Walker is off to a dreadful start hitting .103 through […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: What Should Roy Halladay Owners Do?

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If you have the Philadelphia Phillies Roy Halladay on your fantasy baseball team, you probably feel like Kevin Bacon at the end of the movie Animal House. You’re standing there yelling, “All is well, remain calm”, but of course inside […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Was the Demise of New York Yankees’ Offense Premature?

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The demise of the New York Yankees offense for 2013 has been premature. Well, at least after two games against the awful pitching of the Cleveland Indians, it looks that way. Unfortunately, the Yankees don’t get to face the Indians […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Carlos Marmol Out As Chicago Cubs Closer

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I love it in the movie Groundhog Day when Bill Murray asks the woman at the inn if she has ever had deja vu. She responds, I don’t believe so, but I can check with the kitchen. Watching the Chicago […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Chris Davis It’s Not To Early To Sell High

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You wouldn’t be crazy to start shopping the Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis. Davis is off to a torrid start and is only the fourth player to ever homer in his first four games of the season. Davis joins Willie Mays, […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Baltimore Orioles Brian Roberts Already Hurt

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Did you blink? If you did you might have missed that the Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts is already hurt. Roberts, who is a late sleeper in many fantasy baseball leagues, entered the 2013 season healthy for the first […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball Week One Waiver Wire Advice

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You have spent countless hours researching for your draft, constantly checking fantasy sites for the latest player news and notes. Now that the season has begun, you sit back, and wait for your players to perform and lead you to […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Why Are Yu Darvish Owners Upset?

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If you play fantasy baseball in a points league it is only the third day of the season, and if you are a Yu Darvish of the Texas Rangers owner you are already pissed off. That’s right, instead of looking […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball, Closer Carousel Begins in Chicago and Milwaukee

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I believe what the great Yogi Berra said, “It’s like deja vu all over again.” We are one day into the 2013 fantasy baseball season, and the closer carousel is spinning out of control again in Chicago and Milwaukee. I’m […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball: Bryce Harper Homers in First Two At Bats

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It is so wrong that I am close to middle age and I have a man crush on a 20 year old boy named Bryce. I imagine though with all the millions of people who play fantasy baseball that I […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL Award Predictions

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Can you feel it? That excitement in the air. No, it’s not March Madness. Baseball is almost here. If you haven’t gotten your fantasy baseball draft prep done, what have you been wasting your time on? Filing your taxes? The only […]