2013 Fantasy Baseball NL West Third Baseman

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If there is a cooler nickname in all of sports than Kung Fu Panda of the San Francisco Giants‘ Pablo Sandoval, I don’t know what it is. I’m not sure how big Pandas get to be, but Kung Fu Pandas […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball NL Central Third Baseman

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If 2012 was the year of the injured third baseman, then Hollywood made a sequel pretty quickly. The disabled list is already loaded with plenty from the hot corner. The  David Freese has joined the walking wounded, as he will start […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball NL East Third Basemen

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Whew! As someone who is the owner of the New York Mets David Wright in a long time dynasty league, I held my breath when he was pulled from the World Baseball Classic. I like the WBC, and it’s great […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL West Third Baseman

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Amazingly, one of the most under-appreciated players in fantasy baseball is the Texas Rangers‘ Adrian Beltre. I to am guilty of over looking him when it comes to my drafts. Maybe it was all those sub-par years in Seattle when Beltre seemed […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL East Third Basemen

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We live in strange times. Growing up it was always a big deal that the last player to win the Triple Crown was Carl YaYastrzemski in 1967. So last season when the Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera accomplished this Herculean feat, […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL East Third Basemen

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I would love to place all the AL East third basemen names on a sun dial and spin it to see what dates they land on. That way I would know when each of them will get hurt. If there’s […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball NL West Shortstops

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Did anyone actually expect the Los Angeles Dodgers Hanley Ramirez to make it out of the World Baseball Classic healthy? Over the past two seasons it seems Ramirez is constantly being hampered by some nagging injury. Ramirez will head into […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball NL Central Shortstops

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Instead of Gene Gene the Dancing Machine, fantasy baseball owners will be rooting for the Milwaukee Brewers Jean Jean the Running Machine. OK, so I am dating myself with that reference, but hey, I did have to look it up […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball NL East Shortstops

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Not too long ago, Philadelphia Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was a yearly candidate for the MVP. While he’s no longer a fantasy baseball stud, he still is an elite option at a thin position. The great thing about Rollins is that he is someone […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL West Shortstops

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Has Elvis left the base paths? I sure hope not. The Texas Rangers saw Elvis Andrus stolen bases drop from 37 in 2011 to 21 in 2012. Lucky for fantasy baseball owners, the Rangers will need Elvis to run in […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL Central Shortstop

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Being a big fan of the MLB Network’s Intentional Talk, there is nothing more entertaining than listening to Kevin Millar try and pronounce the Cleveland Indians Asdrubal Cabrera’s name. You would be amazed at the entertainment value of it. So […]

2013 Fantasy Baseball AL East Shortstops

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I remember sitting at a bar, and my buddy told me the New York Yankees Derek Jeter was down. I said, ‘yeah, but he always gets back up’. My buddy said, ‘no, this is serious’. And the only thing I […]