2013 Fantasy Football: Early Week Defensive Injury Woes

Tamba Hali

The old saying is that defense wins championships. While I definitely believe that you need a great defense to be successful, I don’t think it has as much of a value as in years past. The Kansas City Chiefs have […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Early Week Offensive Injury Woes

Zac Stacy

Week 11 was a tumultuous one for the NFL in terms of injuries. Several big name players got dinged up, so many in fact that it warranted not one, but two separate early week injury articles, one for the running […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Is Antonio Brown Matchup Proof?

Antonio Brown

Last week, I wrote a column on if you should start or sit Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown in fantasy football due to his pending matchup with shutdown corner Joe Haden. You can read it right here. Haden had […]

2013 Fantasy Football: 7 Somewhat Bold Week 12 Predictions

Wes Welker

2013 Fantasy Football IDP Dark Horse Sleeper: Paul Worrilow

Paul Worrilow

In my column on fantasy football IDP dark horse sleeper Vincent Rey, I noted that sometimes all it takes for a player to get his chance is an injury to the guy ahead of him. Players like Jarrett Boykin, Nick […]

2013 Fantasy Football IDP Dark Horse Sleeper: Vincent Rey

Vincent Rey

We have seen it time and time again in our fantasy football days. A player goes down, and suddenly that handcuff a few forward thinking owners stashed becomes a key player for a chunk of the season. It happened with […]

2013 Fantasy Football Week 12: Sit Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown

Depending on your league’s scoring settings, Antonio Brown should be somewhere between second and 10th in wide receiver scoring this season. He is one of the most consistent players in fantasy football, averaging seven catches and about 95 yards per […]

2013 Fantasy Football Week 12 Dark Horse Sleeper: Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson

Earlier this season, Nate Burleson broke his arm in one of the more interesting injuries of the last few NFL seasons. Going for a late night snack, Burleson picked up a pizza, it slid off the passenger seat as he […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Week 11 All Fantasy Team

Ben Roethlisberger

The eleventh week of fantasy football is in the books. There were some clear busts, like Darren Sproles only putting up 40 yards, or Jordan Reed with 12 yards. There were some surprises, like Carson Palmer putting up over 400 […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Wide Receiver/Tight End Early Week Injury Woes

Wes Welker

Earlier I detailed a few notable injuries to running backs after week 11. You can read that right here. While running backs are certainly still a big part of the game, it is clear fantasy football is more likely to […]

2013 Fantasy Football: Running Back Early Week Injury Woes

Adrian Peterson

Injuries can derail a fantasy football season. At this point in the season an injury to a player could mean the difference between getting that extra few yards needed to win or not, which could translate into better playoff seeding […]

2013 Fantasy Football Dark Horse Sleeper: Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree

At this point in the fantasy football season owners need to be willing to sacrifice depth of roster to field the best possible team each week, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t keep an eye on the upcoming weeks. […]