Fantasy Football 2013: Has James Casey Become Relevant?

Thomas Campbell - USA Today Sports

Has James Casey of the Philadelphia Eagles suddenly become relevant in fantasy football?   In past years he was mostly just a novelty since he had duel eligibility as TE and RB. But could he play a pivotal role in Chip […]

Fantasy Baseball: Spotlight on David Wright, Captain America

Mark Rebilas - USA Today Sports

The peformance of David Wright of the New York Mets in the World Baseball Classic has earned him the nickname of Captain America. But what does Wright hold in store for your fantasy baseball team? In recent years, Wright has […]

Fantasty Baseball: Spotlight on Matt Cain

Jake Roth - USA Today Sports

Matt Cain’s no-hitter last year for the San Francisco Giants may have been the turning point of his career. That game and the demise of Tim Lincecum clearly catapulted Cain into the position as the team’s ace. So what does […]

Fantasy Baseball: Spotlight on Drew Stubbs

Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

So what’s the case for having Drew Stubbs on your fantasy baseball team? Can you afford to carry a player with a .213 batting average ? Well, the Cincinnati Reds would probably answer that question in the negative. This is […]

Fantasy Baseball: Yadier Molina or Joe Mauer for Catcher?

Derick Hingle - USA Today Sports

Who would you rather have for catcher on your fantasy baseball team, Yadier Molina or Joe Mauer ?  Let’s see if we can help you with your decision. First, let me say that if you can get either of these […]

Fantasy Baseball: Spotlight on Jason Kipnis

Rick Osentoski - USA Today Sports

Jason Kipnis of the Cleveland Indians had a breakout season last year. So where should you place him in your rankings for your upcoming fantasy baseball draft? Now that is a very good question given the variance in opinions about him. […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Spotlight on James Shields

Denny Medley - USA Today Sports

How will his move to the Kansas City Royals impact the fantasy baseball value of James Shields? He will now be the Royals’ ace, which they have lacked since they traded away Zack Grienke. When we last saw Shields in the […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Rookie SPs

Scott Rovak - USA Today Sports

Drafting a rookie SP in your fantasy baseball league can be somewhat like a blind date.  The results can be great or they can be terrible, but rarely are they in between. This year there are three rookie SPs worth […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Philadelphia Phillies Outfield

Howard Smith - USA Today Sports

Are there any players in the Philadelphia Phillies outfield that you want for your fantasy baseball team this year? In contrast to their infield of all veteran All-Stars, the Phillies outfield is still unsettled. In a previous column, I urged […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Ben Revere Will Add Steals to Stats, But Little Else

David Banks - USA Today Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have a new rabbit in their lineup to replace Shane Victorino. They obtained Ben Revere in a trade over the winter with the Minnesota Twins. Victorino headed north up I-95 to the Boston Red Sox. Revere stole […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Where to Look for OBP Help

Derick Hingle - USA Today Sports

Since all of the fantasy baseball stats are given equal weight in the rotisserie format, it is important that you do not overlook OBP, on-base percentage. Now you might usually think of two sources of players to help with that […]

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Mike Napoli Is A Deep Value at Catcher

Steve Mitchell - USA Today Sports

The problem with catchers in fantasy baseball is that there probably are not 12 of them that you would like to have on your team.  So that means that a few managers will get stuck with a catcher they don’t […]